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Shared on April 18, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Heart Problems

Who's a Cardiologist?

A cardiologist is a physician with training and special skill in treating, finding and preventing diseases of blood vessels and heart. They receive instruction and extensive education including four years of medical school and then a three years training in internal medicine. After they spend the next 3 years in specialized training.

When Should You Find a Cardiologist?

In the event the general doctor feels that you could have a heart disease, he would constantly call a cardiologist for assistance. A few of the Symptoms are chest pains, breathlessness, dizzy spells, and other that might call for specific testing. Sometimes evaluation might be needed by the murmurs of heart often called the ECG with a Cardiologist. By treating them, these wonder physicians help the sufferers return. They also counsel patients about the risks and prevention of heart ailments. Cardiologists take part with treating severe heart rhythm failures, heart attacks, and heart aches. Skills and their view matter the most whenever a decision regarding heart operation, balloon angioplasty, and cardiac catheterization is required. You must visit best hospital for heart problems in hyderabad to consult.

What do Cardiologists do?

Whether they meet the patient at the workplace or in the hospital, they would examine the health history and then perform a physical examination, which involves checking weight, heart, lungs, the blood pressure and the blood vessels. Some snags might have been diagnosed by the patient's general physician already, and the physician's findings have been analyzed. Additional tests like ECG, blood test might be performed on the basis of their results. Issues might require more testing. Cardiologists might also recommend medications or lifestyle changes based on the requirement of each individual.

What Tests Might Be Performed?

Some of the exams are:

Ambulatory ECG: Which is a recording during a class of actions to look for abnormal heart rhythm.
Exercise Evaluation: A study to measure the heart's limits and performance.
Cardiac Catheterization: an evaluation that uses a tiny tube that is put close to the heart to shoot pictures and look at how the heart is functioning. It helps in relieving the congestion.
Echocardiogram: It is a soundwave image to check out the structure the construction and the functioning of the heart.
Is a Cardiologist also a Surgeon?

Most of the cardiologists do tests such as cardiac catheterization that require incisions or skin punctures; some also place pacemakers.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Cardiologist?

Besides the Problems That you have, You May Want to ask questions such as:

When you have a coronary angiogram- You ought to find the pictures of the heart and also want him to explain what each picture means.
He should possess an active interest in your health and should like you to understand the problem with your health too.
Chennai is increasing as the medical hub for south India hence visiting a Cardiologist in Chennai is likely to be more efficient and effective in everyway possible. Do inquire ask questions before treating your heart, that you should know.


Great article and it takes some of the worries people have about what to expect. I've been through the procedure and it can be overwhelming but thank you for taking the stress off people who are worried to go. Karen at notary near me
about 1 year ago
Nowadays many people different heart diseases. After reading this article, I get much information about heart disease and it's a solution. driver is unavailable All are please read this article. If you follow the provided remedies surely reduce the count of heart patients.
8 months ago
If you facing heart problems and living in Varanasi city then you can consult Cardiologist in Varanasi city. Get Treatment of different Heart and other problems such as Hypertension, Heart Attack, Syncope, Heart Diseases, Balloon Angioplasty Procedure, Angiography Procedure, Irregular Heartbeat, Blocked Arteries, Hole in the Heart. Thanks & Regards Cardiologist in Varanasi
7 months ago