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Shared on April 23, 2019 at 4:03 pm

How to Apply to Teach English Abroad?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) abroad is a popular job, particularly for new graduates. TEFL teaching provides a way of seeing another country while earning money and adding to your resume. The first essential when applying for a teaching job abroad is ensuring you have an accredited TEFL certificate, such as Trinity or CELTA, a certificate for teaching English to adults. You can get a job without a certificate, but your choices will be restricted. Make sure your resume is up to date and list all relevant teaching jobs.

Decide on your ideal destination for a TEFL job. Ask friends and colleagues and research the types of jobs available in your favored location, along with pay rates, holidays and accommodation.

Check out specialist TEFL jobs websites such as,, ESL and Dave’s ESL Cafe to see up-to-date lists of jobs available. Apply directly from the website for some of the jobs. Follow the instructions in the application requests for resume, cover letter and possibly a photograph. Include transcripts from your college course and written references, if required.

Apply directly to language schools on speculation by letter; however, it probably is best to telephone first to find out whether the school has vacancies before submitting a resume and cover letter.

Apply via a specialist-employment agency or job-placement service such as i-to-i. These types of services try to match your skills and experience with a suitable school and age group.
Ask your training course/school for contacts with language schools abroad. Ask your school for help with your application or to give you a reference and advice on your resume and cover letter.
Take a vacation in the location you hope to teach in and visit the language schools in the area to discuss work opportunities, which works well in large, popular locations, such as Cairo or Athens. Time your vacation for just before school starts. Show you are flexible and adventurous by taking such a long shot.

Explore teaching internships if you do not have much experience. See speech writing services such as Meow Essay, which offers online application forms and telephone calls to discuss your application in more depth. Check for government-offered TEFL programs; the application process for government programs is usually intense and will require educational transcripts and several references.


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