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Shared on June 11, 2019 at 2:22 pm

Find Out the Surprising Uses of Ketchup That May Astonish You

You may be surprised to get to know that the most favorite condiment works similarly great outside the kitchen. In case you have a habit of saving unused packets of ketchup in desks and cupboards or stock half empty bottles in the back of the fridge, then it is time to begin utilizing the ketchup for more than flavor. Furthermore, using ketchup in ketchup dispenser is equally handy and lets you use properly.

Ketchup Lets You Shine Copper Pots
Regardless of the fact you have copper-bottomed cooking pans, design detailing, or sparkling knickknacks, exchange the expensive metal polish solutions and utilize those old ketchup packets buried in your kitchen drawers. The simple formula provided by the author of the Clean series of simple living books, “Michael de Jon” is to rub ketchup over the copper and watch it break up the stain away (because of the acid). If you have difficult spots, include a touch of table salt while you polish.

Let the Ketchup Shine Auto Parts
You may be surprised here, but as indicated by The Cymbal Book by Hugo Pinksterboer, a few people have seen better than average outcomes getting their autos to sparkle with ketchup and with the use of best condiment dispenser, you can make it easier. According to the idea provided in the book, the ketchup works superbly cutting stain, however, not all that well in getting rid of dirt. You may require a multi-step process, with some cleanser and water too.

Ketchup Fights Skunk Smells
In the event that you live in a rural or even suburban region, it is most likely that you or your dog have met by chance a skunk. Though a few specialists alert that this strategy may not really work (other than hiding the odor), numerous individuals still swear by tomato juice as an approach to get rid of powerful skunk smell. Therefore, ketchup may work on the off chance that you don't have tomato juice available.

Fix Chlorine-Damaged Hair with The Help of Ketchup
As indicated by de Jong, ketchup can likewise be utilized to fix hair highlights turned green due to chlorinated swimming pools. Apply the ketchup, let it stay for around 20 minutes, and after that wash it out.

Make Fun by Creating Fake Blood
Similar to elementary school funnyman and fans of Halloween are aware of the fact that ketchup makes extraordinary (though messy) fake blood. Obviously, it is suggested you practice with this one since it's very little fun on the off chance that you stuck washing stubborn stains a short time later. Ketchup dispenser will make it easier to carry out this stuff.

Ketchup Helps Mitigate Wounds
You can make use of freeze unused ketchup packets for a simple first aid trick. The adaptable icepacks are ideal for children's knocks and scratches.

Reuse Empty Bottles
Similarly, as ketchup packets can bundle up, so used ketchup bottles as well as ketchup dispenser. They can be utilized as stockpiling containers for multiple purposes. A few people likewise use them as a dispenser for pancake blend. Simply make sure to wash them first.


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