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Shared on June 25, 2019 at 1:25 pm The Revision of the Service

Online writing services become very popular in recent years. Many students are ready to pay for their college and university writing assignments. Some resources have a very questionable reputation, and it is recommended to check what they can offer first. Today, we are reviewing

Although many writing services that they have the lowest prices, sometimes they fail to deliver quality products. In this situation, students get bad papers at low prices and cannot pass their exams. Unlike others, offer their customers to calculate prices in advance.
On the main page, you choose the type of assignment you need, the number of pages, and it shows you the final price. It is worth mentioning that the average price for a paper around $20-30, which is affordable for most students.
Regular customers have an opportunity to get solid discounts for future orders if their previous orders exceed at least $250.

The Reputation
The reputation is a very important factor for all writing services. They put maximum efforts to prove their customers their stability and quality. In some cases, such services waste money for advertisement instead of focusing on hiring quality authors or writers.
According to feedback posted online, has a solid reputation among Canadian and North American students. They are currently considered to be the 3rd best writing service.

Apart from offering quality papers and essays, this service also has interesting features for customers.
If you order a paper and there are many writers available online, it is possible to choose an author. They provide students with a biography, and students can check all skills & advantages of this/that writer.
Not only customers have a chance to cooperate with this service. Other companies or websites can participate in the Affiliate Program that gives many benefits for both sides.
The service also provides its customers with special bonuses, offers, and discounts at least once per month.

Customer Service
The main advantage of this service is probably the support team. We tried to test their services and ordered an argumentative essay for eight pages. In a few minutes, we received an email to confirm our order. Minutes later, the Support team contacted us and asked to provide more information regarding our essay. They also ask for better communication method (SMS, phone, email), so they would know how to contact a customer immediately once an order is complete. So far, it is one of the most responsive support team we’ve ever seen. Other companies mention such assistance, but it is hard to find answers when it is not working.

Writing Services
Regardless of your academic level, this service can offer you various types of assignments. High-school homework, college essays, university term papers, and even Ph.D. dissertations are available for ordering on this service. It is worth mentioning that they add new services monthly, which is great for other students when they are looking for help. Another positive factor is the team of writers. Most of them are native-speakers and educated writers who have decent experience in writing essays and papers.


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