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Shared on August 29, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Prerequisites of Starting a Wholesale Gem Business

Hailing from a family who deals in wholesale gemstone beads, my fascination towards gems was justifiable. My father would often bring bulk gemstones in huge bags, and examine their cut, shape and quality under the night lamp. Identifying the gemstones is a challenge in itself. Every stone is unique and different from others. However, venturing into this business without minimal knowledge can be a costly mistake in terms of investment. If you think that this business does not involve a huge amount of money, then you are wrong. There are certain stones available in abundance, though as a wholesaler you must look for a stone that is precious and investment-worthy. This is again a difficult task, how to know about a gem’s rarity factor? The key is research. Along with digging up the internet, interact with experienced dealers who have been in the market before you. You might say that they follow traditional approaches but there is always something to learn from them. With the advent of technology, business techniques might have changed but the principles remain the same. They say out aloud that transparency and honesty are the two vital aspects of running a successful business. If you want someone to put trust in you, then you must be willing to share your insights with them.

Considering that there is a plethora of dealers, it is tough to easily trust anyone. Before collaborating with a supplier/ distributor, run a background check on their credibility. Here an important task is keeping a track on their online transactions. This is possible through viewing their client testimonials regularly. There is a probability that there are fake reviews too. There is another way of identifying them. Such kind of reviews follows a formal or professional tone that is no way relates to a customer. Be wary about such reviews.

Another important consideration is price. Do a price comparison before zeroing in on any decision. Visit one website, and note down their prices. If it is within your budget, then do not hesitate to drop an email to them. Apart from this, quality is essential. It is one major factor that serves as a distinguishing factor between you and your competitors. Procure high-quality and serve a better one. Establishing a name in the market may time some time but you must never go for fraudulent means. Follow the right path that takes you to success. Wish you luck.

In case you are looking for a well-established Wholesale gemstone bead or bulk gemstones dealer, then connect with us. We are a network of gem wholesalers who commit to deliver the benefits of both worlds in terms of quality and price to our customers. Check our online store for further information.


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