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Shared on September 12, 2019 at 3:29 am

Can you use a hair dryer on your dog?

When you have finished bathing your dog, you might worry if they can get sick by being too wet. Wiping them with a towel can work, but is it safe to use a hair dryer to make the task faster and less bothersome? The answer is yes, you can, but with some caution, of course.

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The procedure of drying your dog

First and foremost, most dogs will be afraid of foreign items, so you will need to call them over with the hair dryer turned off, and remember to prepare some treats. Do this several times, be patient, and remember that it doesn't always have to be after a bath; you should do it frequently or whenever you have free time.

When your canine pal is used to the tools, you can begin to dry them using the hair dryer after a bathing session. The process is quite similar to when you are drying your own hair. Put the nozzle a few inches away from their fur, and then start with a constant motion along on their back. Do not concentrate on one area, as it will get too hot and burn your dog. You probably won’t encounter this situation when you do it with your own hair because you can feel the heat directly. Your dog can only cry and whine to warn you, so be sure to remember this point. Blow dryers for human-use are usually made with a high thermal setting, and a dog's skin is not as thick as ours. In other words, it is wise to have your hair dryer on the lowest setting when drying them.
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It is ok to stop when you feel there is only a little moisture left in their fur, as your dog will dry quickly on their own, so you don’t have to over-do it.

Is there a specialized tool for drying your dog?

Of course, there are quite a few gadgets that are dedicated to pets. These items are quite expensive, however, so they are used mostly by professional pet groomers. You can invest in one if you bath your dog regularly, which is a great thing in itself, as it will keep them healthy and clean enough to cuddle.

They are similar to a traditional hair dryers, but they do not generate heat – only fast wind to blow the water off your dog’s coat. You can find the best product on the Amazon website or in some pet grooming specialized stores.

Here are some of the best of product reviews that you can use as an example (they are called force dryers): Metrovac’s Air Force Commander Dryer and XPOWER B-4 Plus Mobile Pro Force Dryer. There are a few cheaper models if you cannot afford those extravagant gadgets, and here is one of them: EasyClip Quiet Air Dryer by Andis.


Bathing your dog is a necessary job, be it twice or once per week, as it can protect your dog from fleas and dirt and keep them clean so that you can hug or even sleep with them. Using a hair dryer to blow off all the water from the aftermath is a fast and efficient way of getting them dry. It is perfectly safe to use your own hair dryer to do the work if you are careful and leave it on the lowest setting. However, it is recommended that you purchase a hairdryer that is pet exclusive. You can search for more information about the correct type of dryer that is best for the pet on other top review guides.


Grooming pets is very important for the pet but everyone just needs to understand how to do it correctly. This was a great read and thanks for sharing it! If anyone is ever in Houston feel free to leave it to the pros and we'll take care of your pets as if they were our own!
7 months ago
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6 months ago
Yes you can use hair dryer on your dog. But careful while using..
about 1 month ago

The advantage of a dog hair remover brush is it’s eco-safe and reusable. Dog hair removal is a mandatory and regular thing to keep the dog health safe always.

29 days ago