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It is very quite troubling when you don't know what kind of things you have in your storage. That’s why fabric content testing is vital which will help you figure out what fabric you are making use of.

Our site brought you some excellent ideas which you can tell the material of the fabric whether it is fake. And whether you should acquire it or not.

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In many shops it might take place that you obtained some unmarked fabric and you have no idea which material you are going to select for your task. You may wonder if it really is appropriate for you? It’s advisable to check the wool fabric correctly to prevent the laundry accident later in your work.

A very little slight warning for this sort of test is that you need some patience to get it done properly. First of all, take a bowl and pour bleach in it to ensure the fabric must entirely be in it. Now just leave the fabric for about 8-9 hours.

After that, in case fabric is wool, it will certainly be dissolved most of its part. However if it turns out to be some other fabric, you can see the change in color.


Cotton and linen can be tested out just by your hand. When you are in uncertainty regarding the garment or confused in both and you do not have enough expertise regarding the fabric, then try this test out.

Again, this test might require your attention as well as concentration on the garment. You can begin by simply scrunching the linen. And you will be able to see the instant wrinkles on the fabric. Nonetheless with the wrinkles, you can see the spring in it.

Similarly, you can see it is not wrinkly easily and there will certainly be no spring in it if you do exactly the same action with the cotton. That's precisely how you can differentiate between these two fabrics. If you’re thinking of getting a sewing machine, this best basic sewing machine buying guide will help you to start off.


It may sound odd when we’re telling you to burn the garments. But by doing this you can have the answer for the difference of what your fabric really is. As well as whether the store owner is telling the truth or not?

In order to do it, you should ask them for a tiny piece of fabric and burn it. If the content of the garment is all-natural fabric then it will certainly burn entirely and you will get a little ash out of the fabric. Otherwise, it will certainly melt slowly and have a plastic odor if the garment is polyester.

A very essential thing every sewer need to know is checking on the quality of the fabric and what content they are using to prepare the important things. Even when you have the best portable sewing machine for beginners to bring it to fabric stores for testing the fabric content, it is important that you use the above tips to test the fabrics before buying and it won't lead to any problems as soon as you start sewing.