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Shared on November 15, 2019 at 9:22 am

The way to pick the mattress topper that is best.

Most are unsure what to do, although anyone who tosses and turns through the night and/or wakes up stiff with pain knows their mattress is the culprit.

With the correct information, you can make informed decisions that will have you feeling immediately at a fraction of the cost of buying a new mattress.


Is all about posture. Your body is pliable although natural posture is S-shaped. During sleep, your muscles relax and your backbone conforms to whatever surface yore sleeping on.

Because there ist conformability to keep curvature if your mattress is too firm your backbone flattens. If your mattress is too soft or sags, your posture transforms into an unhealthy C-shape from a healthy S-shape.

Both issues cause back pain. In the morning you gingerly twist, bend and stretch till your muscles force realignment. This process takes some time and it hurts.

There are two reasons mattresses is important to comprehend which yore experiencing to ascertain your best solution and cause back pain. Most can be fixed by the right topper.

MATTRESS TOO FIRM Adding a layer that was softening is needed to allow shoulders and hips to sink in just enough to stop your posture from flattening.
MATTRESS TOO SOFT You need a topper that adds additional support and prevents your backbone from sinking in and C-shaping.

Memory Foam Often called Visco foam, sometimes with additional gel is marketed with a handprint indentation that was visible. Memory Foam is slow recovery polyurethane foam produced from petroleum, is touted as motion contouring and absorbing. Body heat softens. Some like the sensation, some say it feels like being stuck in mud. To get an ortho bed Mattresses thas too firm, three inches or more of memory foam can initially offer relief but it flattens quickly. Memory foam does have immunity to add support so it may, in fact, make the problem worse and wot help with a mattress thas too soft.

Egg Crate Foam This is the most frequently purchased topper material because is the cheapest. Egg crate foam is polyurethane foam. A single bit is cut with a special convoluting saw resulting in two pieces with valleys and peaks. The peaks and valleys create a soft feel that can help with pain from a company bed so that it breaks down permanently flatting and requiring replacement, but every piece is half the material of a piece. Support is provided by egg crate foam doest so that it wot relieve pain from a mattress thas too soft if your mattress is too firm, but it may help for a short time.

Natural Latex Foam Priced higher than polyurethane foams and organic, organic and natural latex is harvested from rubber trees, isn't a petroleum product produced from oil. Because latex is rubber it stretches, maintaining immunity so you dot sink through it. This exceptional ability pushes back and provides real support in addition to contouring pressure relief making organic and natural latex the sole single foam that provides true support for your spinal posture.

Firmer latex holds you up preventing you from falling too deeply into a soft mattress. Softer latex maximizes so that you scatter flatten out on a mattress, contouring thas too firm. Latex is the only single foam that works both ways.

What about synthetic or mixed latex? Latex is a man-made copy of natural latex. Once it feels similar to natural latex it doest have the rubber resiliency and resistance of natural latex.

Latex is a combination of latex that is natural and latex. Most blended latex is roughly 80% synthetic and 20% natural. While it requires a baby step in the right way it still does have the same characteristics of organic or all-natural latex foam.

Both latex versions are usually cost less than organic or 100% natural, but this is truly getting what you pay for situation. If price is your main consideration then polyurethane provides a better cost value than artificial or mixed latex options as all are petroleum-based.

Visit us for more details.


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