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Shared on November 28, 2019 at 10:56 am

What type of lipo is best for you?

Liposuction surgery, or perhaps `traditional lipo`, is a body sculpting and toning technique used to streamline areas including the thighs, tummy, hips, knees, and arms. Every year, thousands of individuals choose Liposuction in jaipur, making it one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the Jaipur. A large proportion of the patients are now opting for non-surgical `vaser` liposuction, due to the fact they are attracted to the decreased recovery period, nominal bruising, and other rewards. With both medical and non-surgical types of procedures rife, we weigh up the pros and cons of both types of lipo to help you produce an educated decision prior to going ahead with liposuction medical procedures. Armed with as many facts as possible, you can opt for the very best lipo for you as well as your body.

Surgical liposuction
What is surgical liposuction?

Contrary to public opinion, surgical liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Much like its non-surgical sister, traditional liposuction is made to tone and sculpt certain areas of the body. This sort of liposuction is, however, best suited to patients looking to target much larger areas of unnecessary fat. If you’ve tried standard exercising and a well-balanced diet but to no avail, surgical liposuction may be an option for you.

What does the task involve?

During surgical liposuction, small incisions are made near the chosen spot. A cannula is in that case inserted so that you can suck out a stubborn body fat, either by pump or syringe. This needs between one and three hours to complete (depending on how much fat should be removed and the region of the body) and is performed under general anesthetic.

How long will it take for results to show?

Results of a good surgical liposuction procedure will commence to express after 4 weeks and will continue to improve for up to 3 months. For long-lasting results, you should maintain a healthy diet plan afterward, along with regular exercise. Surgical liposuction isn't a `quick fix` solution, and the ones seeking immediate results should consider an alternative procedure providing more instant results. For that purpose, we advise that you research different types of liposuction and other procedures, to make sure you choose the 1 that will continue to work best for you.

What are the benefits?


· Surgical liposuction features been practiced for years and years and is an efficient body sculpting procedure

· It has the ability to eliminate large volumes of extra fat from targeted areas. We advise no more than 3-4 liters per procedure

· The treatment is long-lasting, providing you maintain a healthy lifestyle of a well-balanced diet and regular exercise

· Liposuction reduces the number of fat cells found in targeted areas, rendering it difficult to regain weight found in these areas


· Surgical liposuction involves making incisions in the body and is so classed as an `invasive` procedure

· The recovery time for this type of lipo is 1-2 weeks, which means you will need to have this time around away from work and activities

· You will knowledge bruising and swelling with this type of surgery and could experience light damage to your skin surrounding your treatment spot. This is completely normal and can lesson during your recovery period

· Surgical liposuction patients must wear a compression garment for 6 months after surgery, that may cause mild discomfort

· As with any kind of elective surgery, liposuction comes with risks. These will be carefully discussed with the surgeon throughout your consultation

Non-surgical Vaser liposuction
What is non-surgical liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction keeps growing in popularity for its lowered downtime and non-invasive nature. Much like its medical sister, this sort of liposuction isn't a weight-loss procedure. Vaser liposuction, which means `vibration amplification of sound strength at resonance`, targets sculpting and toning specific parts of the body to create a more proportionate look. Vaser lipo works to get rid of small, stubborn areas of fat from areas such as the arms, bottom level, chin, knees and hips, or `love handles`.

What does the task involve?

Vaser lipo uses ultrasound technology to target fat cells, which is an easier method for surgeons to deposit extra fat without needing invasive surgery or causing damage to your skin. All the cells inside our body vibrate normally, and laser lipo speeds up this process in a clever and safe way. A cannula is in that case inserted into the spot to remove the broken down fat. This can take between one and three-time to complete (depending on how much fat should be removed and the region of your body) and is conducted under local anesthetic.

How long does it take for results to show?

Results of a good non-surgical liposuction procedure will start to express after 3 weeks and can continue to improve for six months. For long-lasting results, you should be very careful to maintain a healthy diet plan afterward, along with regular physical exercise. Non-surgical liposuction is not a `quick fix` alternative, and the ones seeking immediate results should consider an alternative solution procedure providing more instant results.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage is definitely recommended during post-op to inspire quicker results. This massage technique- which will be explained by your nurses- as well keeps swelling at bay and allows a tighter reduced amount of the skin.

What are the benefits?


· Non-surgical liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, thus scarring and bruising ought to be minimal

· Vaser liposuction allows multiple areas of the body to get worked on through the entire same procedure

· Less damage will be achieved to surrounding cells during non-surgical liposuction

· This type of liposuction includes minimal downtime, so you will be able to go back to work after a couple of days

· You will be necessary to wear a good compression garment for a lesser time of 2-6 weeks, in comparison to 6 a few months if you choose surgical liposuction

· Non-surgical lipo is less expensive than surgical liposuction


· Although multiple parts of the body can come to be treated in one session, only small sections can be tackled, meaning it might take longer to achieve the results you want

· Non-surgical liposuction usually takes a few sessions, it’s not really a one-off procedure

· Non-surgical liposuction cannot take out as many fats as surgical liposuction

· As with any sort of elective medical procedures, laser liposuction includes risks. These will be thoroughly discussed with the surgeon during your consultation


Isn’t liposuction for you personally? There are other options with regard to non-surgical body sculpting techniques. Transform has CoolSculpting in the ALCS clinic. Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, functions by supercooling unwanted excessive fat cells in order to eliminate them off. The dead cells are then steadily eliminated through the body’s all-natural processes, and it requires around 12-16 weeks to start to see the full results. Find out more here.


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