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Shared on December 2, 2019 at 11:32 am

Should you make the switch to an all-natural or organic mattress?

Sleeping on the ideal mattress may be just like crawling into paradise each evening. Its cloud-like fluffy and soft outer layers shape to your body with pressure-free support for a relaxing and restful sleep. However, did you know that the very substances that provide your mattress that amazing texture, could be damaging to your family's long-term wellbeing?

In accordance with mattress-guides. Internet ,"A major proportion of mattresses in American families now is composed of a combination of petroleum-based nylon, nylon, media board, polyurethane plastic and foam, and are treated with fire retardants of substance source such as, phosphates, silicon, and ellagic acid. They're also occasionally wrapped in flame-resistant fibers such as, polyvinylidene chloride and melamine."

When these substances meet environment, safety and health standards, they've been proven to emit gasses which are anything but safe and healthy. By way of instance, a research in 2005 found that"a typical memory-foam mattress elicits 61 unnatural compounds, such as carcinogens benzene and naphthalene."

Off-gassing compounds can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and also have been associated with allergies, organ toxicity, and in certain instances, cancer. Plus, these supernatural substances could be breading grounds for mold, mildew, and also our buddies --the mattress bug and dust --which trigger their own set of medical issues in and of themselves. Buy single bed mattress online.

Apart from being unhealthy for your loved ones, synthetic materials aren't biodegradable so the 50,000 mattresses which wind up within our U.S. landfills daily will still be around long after their disposal.

The same as skincare and food products, an environmentally aware mattress made from organic and all-natural materials is your very best option. Although it's very rare that you will have the ability to come across a really 100% organic mattress, it is possible to discover a mattress that's made from mostly organic substances, which will give you the maximum degree of high-end.

Whether an organic mattress is not within your budget, beds created out of button-tufted, breathable all-natural cotton, obviously fire-resistant, chemical-free wool, and organic latex produced from the sap of a bark tree, can supply you with the comfort and support you want and virtually no compound off-gassing--minus the higher cost.

Along with the health advantages of a green mattress, a bed made from pure substances provides you longer durability and resiliency than its synthetic counterpart, so you are not as likely to"substitute in 8" as is frequently suggested. Pair the best non-toxic substances using double-sided structure and you have basically just stumbled the life and also the relaxation of your longer-lasting mattress, maintaining your hard-earned cash in your pocket along with your green mattress from our nation's landfills. **

As though which weren't sufficient, natural substances offer excellent heat and moisture regulation and improved air flow . Additionally, natural substances like Talalay latex are obviously antibacterial, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant!

When there are mattresses on the market nowadays that seem to be wholly eco-friendly or organic, make sure you read the fine print--you might be paying for more"natural" than you are really getting. Or even better, talk to a mattress specialist very first, to get the inside scoop on conventional practices and vocabulary before you begin your non-toxic mattress hunt. They will teach you exactly what to look for and what to avoid, so you are confident the mattress you have chosen is all natural and toxin-free, and will withstand the test of time.

At Custom Comfort Mattress, being"green" isn't a gimmick or fad--it is a method of life. Your family's comfort and wellbeing have been our greatest priority for at least thirty years--well before purchasing organic was considered what to do. That is why a lot of our double-sided mattresses are handmade using locally sourced, organic or all-natural substances . And since we build our high quality mattresses ourselveswe provide you the capability to transform our luxury mattress versions into a natural or all-natural mattress by substituting their regular materials with all-natural or organic alternatives.

Sleep fitter and happier and lower your carbon footprint: Visit our Southern California showrooms to get the mattress that is ideal for you, or research a few of our natural and organic mattress choices by clicking the hyperlinks below.

Custom Comfort Mattress contains natural substances in virtually all their mattress versions. Follow on the link above to learn more about the selection of high-value mattresses that will supply you with a much healthier sleep at each price point. Meet the Mattresses

Using only premium natural substances, your Legacy mattress guarantees more lasting support along with a much healthier quality of sleep compared to mattresses which use artificial substances.

LEGACY WITH LEGACY 1.0 TOPPER: Crafted from natural latex and pure New Zealand Joma wool, the Legacy 1.0 Topper is a detachable 3" topper that offers added surface softness. The double-sided topper is made with a durable natural Talalay latex core, so you will find a better night's sleep for many years to come.

Entirely natural for a healthy quality of sleep, the Legacy 2.0 Topper provides an extra layer of softness and comfort to our Legacy mattress.

FRESH: Constructed with the maximum quality natural materials for longevity and wellness advantages, New 1.0 is a medium-firm mattress with individually wrapped coils.

FRESH 2.0: Fresh 2.0 is a medium-firm mattress with individually wrapped coils which is created of superior all-natural materials, making sure you a more lasting, healthier quality of sleep night after night.

BLISS 1.0: Bliss 1.0 is a medium-firm mattress built of natural Talalay latex rubber, chemical free Joma wool, and also the best natural materials. This luxury mattress promotes a wholesome quality of sleep as a result of our normal strategy, along with lasting longer than mattresses made from synthetic substances. More Details

BLISS 2.0: produced by hand from natural Talalay latex rubber and chemical-free Joma wool, Bliss 2.0 is a lavish luxury mattress which uses premium natural substances for extra durability and wellness advantages. More Details

LUSH: Lush is the most luxurious mattress, that utilizes only the best natural materials for more lasting support along with a much healthier quality of sleep. More Details

LUSH 1.0: Construction on the luxurious of the Luxurious mattress, Lush 1.0 includes a 3" pillow high in 100% natural latex for additional cushion and comfort. More Details

LUSH WITH LUSH 2.0 TOPPER: The Lush 2.0 Topper is constructed of natural latex and natural wool, which offers a healthy quality of sleep compared to artificial toppers. This 7" removable topper provides elevated relaxation and support to our bunk mattress to give you the sleep you deserve. More Details

*If you want to find out more about the mattress business's definition of natural and why it matters for you, call some of our regional showrooms to talk a educational mattress expert, on-staff and in your service seven days per week.


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