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Shared on January 6, 2020 at 9:17 am

PGDM in Marketing Management

A post-graduate diploma in management or PGDM is a two years full-time course that can help you gain in-depth knowledge & understanding of product marketing, brand building and creating effective marketing campaigns. Nowadays, companies have to sell their products and offer in a highly competitive and dynamic world. The new technologies and the amount of data available owe the companies to invest a large extent of their resources in Marketing and Sales. This postgraduate diploma management in marketing(PGDM-MARKETING) is a most sought after degree by both students as well as corporate in recent times. This PGDM-marketing investigates the fundamental approaches to understand markets and portfolios of product offering. Identifying target markets, market observation and product development are some of the various attributes of this module accessible through Hybrid learning mode. So, before taking this specialization students has to know the PGDM in Marketing Management Scope and what is it’s career opportunities.


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