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Shared on August 15, 2003 at 9:01 am

AUSOM Incorporated

This calendar is a schedule of monthly meetings and other events held by AUSOM Incorporated. It meets three times a month and has special events through out the year.

AUSOM Incorporated (pronounced 'awesome'), established in 1979 as the Apple Users' Society of Melbourne, is Australia's largest and most active Apple User Group (and one of the largest in the world), with a 30-year history and about 750 members.

There's something for every Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone user at AUSOM.

We hold three meetings each month. The main meeting is held at Blackburn North, a Retirees and Others Group meeting in Balwyn and AUSOM Mornington Group meets at Mornington.

Apple products are the most versatile and easy to use, but how can you explore their full potential? There's a wide range of personal and interactive member benefits, including education, social, networking support and information sources.

AUSOM publishes its own monthly printed magazine and hosts about 20 special interest groups.

Member services include an online discussion forum with answers to everything on computing and beyond; a book library; phone help by experts in their respective fields; discounts on CDs, training materials, hardware, software and books; and lots more!

For further information about AUSOM, visit our website.

For meeting timetables and details of presentation topics, visit

For information on where our different meetings are held, visit

The AUSOM Calendar also lists the dates for our monthly Committee of Management Meetings and any other special events we may hold.

Please note: if you subscribe to AUSOM's Calendar, we recommend that you regularly refresh the calendar (Calendar/Refresh) so that you always have the most current version of our calendar available.


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