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Shared on April 15, 2020 at 10:50 am

6 Fun Facts About India’s Newest Cricketing Star, Yashasvi Jaiswal

In the last few days, Yashasvi Jaiswal’s popularity has increased various folds. He's being rightfully being considered the brand new star of the Indian cricket. Yashasvi has naturally also turn into a popular choice in the world of fantasy cricket league and a sizzling hot favourite amongst those who like to play fantasy cricket.

Courtesy, some incredible performances found in the under 19 cricket, Yashasvi’s dream to take up for the India senior team might come true much sooner nowadays. The legends of Cricket such as for example Mr Kapil Dev and Mr Harsha Bhogle also have openly appreciated the might of Yashasvi.

With a breathtaking performance against Pakistan in the semi-final game, Yashasvi almost looks prepared to take the big leap from the boys to men cricket. With 312 runs up to now, he is the leading run-scorer of the tournament.

Interestingly, not many people understand that the journey till below hasn’t been a hunky-dory for Yashasvi. From the less fortunate family, he had to struggle a lot for the essential necessities of life. Let’s have a look at some interesting factual statements about this young man’s life.
Born in UP, Yashasvi left his hometown and moved to Mumbai by age 11 to pursue his career in cricket.
As he didn't have any accommodation in Mumbai, Yashasvi stayed in tents with the groundsmen at the Maidan.
To earn his daily wages, Yashasvi used to market Pani Puri on the roads after returning from his cricket practice.
Jwala Singh, who ran a cricket academy found in Santa Cruz, spotted him and worked hard on his video game.
At age 12, Yashasvi entered the record books when he scored 319 operates and took 13 wickets in the same match in Giles shield school match.
In this year’s IPL auction, Rajasthan Royals bought him for 2.4 crore that was 12 times more than his base price.


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