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Shared on April 27, 2020 at 11:09 am

Play game Free fire for PC smooth with Gameloop Emulator

1. General introduction about Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire 1.46 is the first survival shooter in Vietnam, has a gameplay similar to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds which is hot on PC. Bringing players the feeling of suspense, drama to suffocation. Garena Free Fire is a free survival shooter game, bringing 50 players to gather on a remote island and start fighting each other with the goal of becoming the last survivor.

PUBG , Fortnite , Apex Legends are the 3 highest-earning names in the category of Battle Royale and Garena Free Fire ranked 4th. In Garena Free Fire, each match takes 10 minutes to take you to a remote island Away, where you fight against 49 other players. All have the same unique goal: to have a unique chance of survival.

The nature of Free Firesimilar to other Battle Royale games when players are free to choose the parachute position, explore the island to find the weapons and items needed before the safe area becomes narrower, forcing players to move quickly. withdraw. Things get hotter when the safety zone becomes narrower as players are forced to face off instead of hiding and waiting. You can move around the island in one of the 4 vehicles, which is a low-speed but durable Jeep, a truck, a small tricycle called Tuk Tuk, and even a vehicle that can be walked on. Shallow and under water.

In particular, the new "Free OB20 - Desert Apocalypse " update of Free Fire has brought a unique experience to the survival game genre . Allows 40 people to be divided into 20 teams to participate in the fierce race. will sit together in a vehicle, a driver and a gunman destroy the enemy, both cannot leave the car and will lose if the car is shot or the passenger is destroyed.

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