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Shared on April 27, 2020 at 11:21 am

Garena Free fire on PC: Version 2020 for Windows in Tencent Gaming

New Free Fire g ame online action on the phone for Player has a new way of playing in a new way of survival that you can easily experience a new scenario in the fight to preserve life for yourself. destroyed by the opponent. Game free fire a game developed by Vietnamese people quite special you will be involved in the battle from the empty hands escape from the pursuit and become the last survivor of all those present in the village. That stuff. Free Fire has many different features compared to mobile action game genre currently, since the launch tr ò ch oi e ã been gaming community e light gi á positive with b total bout x the matching words h ạng high tr Joel 2 warehouse applications d Arrivals ch play v à appstore , players g ame free fire was able to experience the highlights was the best in this special edition. Actually, survival action game is not a rare form but it is the first Vietnamese version that 111dots developed to bring a great free fire entertainment game on smartphones for everyone to easily discover by appropriate interface, when play you will easily see it does not overlap with any names that support the phone.

Tai free fire b An ti Eng ET - Game b eat s candidate t Noise h incubation d Main Products
To experience the free fire game you need to equip yourself with the basic control skills in the game and understand the features of the game. At the start, you select for intelligent character: Male cough ặc Women, along with the name of your style. Also in the game free fire characters you can equip with costumes, or the appropriate equipment in the match. Choose "Start" when you feel you are ready for the fight to survive in the game. Tai mien phi game free fire b You'll get lost on a desert island with 50 people in here you can workout, edit move. With 360 degree character control angle will give you the most interesting experience. Please skydive select location on the map in Free fire game to start a survival campaign. There is only one rule: "hunting or becoming prey." Therefore you must quickly search for weapons and necessary items scattered throughout the island to survive and take out other players . Game free fire brings vital experience extremely nervous and full of sudden suffocation, ch battery ch eat s e kh he l warm b eat ph ải th Land v tube.

Tai free mobile fire - Game b eat s candidate t Noise c Australia

T INH n antenna n guava b ailings in game free fire
Standard free fire survival shooter game : Search for weapons, survive in a safe zone, take down and get the spoils from defeated enemies, in the journey trying to find hearing to get many "genuine" items and away from the bombarded area, the ultimate goal is to become the last free fire game player to survive - Legend.
With the free open fire game map system : players will be free to move, explore the vast island with detailed and sharp graphics by shading technology and breakthrough lighting techniques to bring the experience. Honest to the details. 10 minutes, 50 people, fierce, thrilling and exciting battle, all in free fire mobile game .
Teammates side by side to fight free fire games : Create rooms to invite teammates to fight together, teams up to 4 people and can communicate with each other via voice chat system. Find and fight with your friends to become the last group to survive and become legendary in the free fire online game .
H Stand abundant weapons and diverse game free fire : the player can unleash simultaneously explore tactical options suitable for survival. Safe areas on the island continuously shrink forcing the player to use all the skill and acumen of her to hide, attack the enemy unexpectedly to become the last survivor in the game free fire all of you .

Home page for free fire latest version 2019
Free Fire is the hottest shooting game on mobile. It does not take too much time for the player, every 10 minutes you can fight with 49 other players, all for the sake of survival to the end. Players can choose the position to skydive, land, collect items to fight other players. The goal of the player is to stay in the safety circle for as long as possible. Besides the game has a lot of tactics for players to choose: Driving explore the map and avoid fighting, hiding, even becoming invisible by hiding in the grass .... All for item : "Living forever as a legend"

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the year-end festival with Winter Battle! Feel the cool new look, new outfit and game modes! Go to Free Fire to experience it now!

On the occasion of the Halloween game event there will be a special update! This Halloween, we will bring you lots of new content including remodeling of the map, items and some special game modes for you to enjoy.

[Standard survival shooter]
Searching for weapons, survive in a safe zone, take down and get the spoils from defeated enemies, in the journey trying to find hearing to get many things " genuine "and stay away from bombarded areas, the ultimate goal is to be the last to survive - Legend

[10 minutes, 50 people, fierce, thrilling and exciting battle]
within 10 minutes , will know who is the last survivor, do you have the strength to become a legend?

[Teammates work together to fight]
Create a room to invite teammates to fight together, a team of up to 4 people and can communicate with each other using the voice chat system. Find and fight with your friends to become the last group to live and become a legend

[Realistic realistic graphics but very smooth]
Extremely realistic graphics, vivid but very smooth and easy to control, we are sure to bring you the best survival game experience on mobile

web official:


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