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Shared on July 21, 2020 at 1:41 pm

Does Online Tutoring Really Work? Real Time Collaboration Over The Internet

Does Online Tutoring Really Work? Real Time Collaboration Over The Internet

Some interesting websites have come out recently which allow people to collaborate in real time over the internet. It can be educational essay website such as writemyessaysos where you can ask about or read educational articles about how to do your for for fast etc. This obviously has some potential for online tutoring, but are they really ready
Online tutoring has been “just around the corner” for a long time now, but the technology always seemed to get in the way:

• Writing math formulas and diagrams was always much faster by hand than over a computer screen
• Internet connections can get dropped or have delays
• Some solutions required custom software to be installed or for the user to be tech savvy in other ways

Here are some potential solutions I’ve seen come out recently. These are all “web based” solutions which in my opinion is the only way this type of software will be successful. By making it web based it eliminates the need for users to install any software, to both be on a certain type of operating system (Windows, Mac, etc), or to configure internet connection ports - problems which plague many screen sharing apps. It also allows you to use any computer with an internet connection, so you can work at home, school, or wherever is convenient.
Adding an online tutoring option to website is something I’d love to do given the right solution.

This nifty little app looks like it came out a few years ago. It has a clean and simple interface and it’s free. The only problem is that developmet on this app appears to have stopped. After creating a new account I couldn’t get a new meeting set up (it just said “loading” forever). There are a number of posts on their forum from users suggesting that the project and site have been abandoned by the original creators.

It’s a shame because this app has great potential. Thinkature owners: if you are reading this and don’t have time to pursue the project, do the world a favor and release it as open source code! Please let the world take the next step with this excellent project you’ve started.


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