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Shared on January 23, 2007 at 8:35 am

Animal Crossing Wide World DS Events

This is an event cal for the Nintendo DS game Animal Crossing Wide World. More events to follow including birthdays.


Beautiful post to read on
11 months ago
Sumi-ё - not just an artistic technique. This is an important part of the gameplay. In the course of Emmy's action (as Amaterasu calls Isun) he meets other gods and receives their magical powers. Kaban Bakugami will allow to control magic fireworks, snake Nuregami - water jets. All these wonderful things can appear in our world only with the help of the Heavenly Brush. Pressing one of the "shifter" we stop the time, open the canvas, do a few strokes - and voila, the sun appeared in the sky, the lily bloomed in the water, the enemies received a sword blow. Jogos Friv - Yes, drawing is inserted in both the peaceful and the combat part of the game. And so the impression is very consistent - we use the same techniques both in battles, and to solve problems, help people. Despite the fact that battles take place on a separate screen, and between large locations there are downloads, the Nippon universe does not look torn to pieces. There is something to do here - from the very first appearance of criticism began to compare Okami with The Legend of Zelda. If you look formally, then the similarity is one - it's an open world, in new parts of which you get, getting fresh ability. In all other respects, Link's adventures stand far behind Amaterasu. There is no artificial division into dungeons and open fields. Here, communication with people and mutual assistance, rather than solving abstract puzzles, comes to the fore. Maybe that's why the game was pretty easy. Although the problem, when you need to think, there is also.
5 months ago