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Shared on January 23, 2007 at 8:36 am

Animal Crossing Wide World DS Birthdays

A birthday calendar of the citizens of Animal Crossing World Wide for the Nintendo DS.


On the one hand, it is not necessary to talk about Okami. The game is published for the fourth time, regularly collects estimates in the region of 90 points out of 100, all who need it, have long been aware of and passed ten times. On the other hand, Okami - the incredible power of a work of art, comes out on different platforms for almost twelve years under the flying caps of critics, and in sales it appears as a skipping dodger skater in disrepair - the three previous releases did not collect a million and a half copies together. And now I'll try to at least clarify this chasm with a flashlight - As the name of Goshi Rubchinsky raises the price of a swatch for a couple of hundred dollars, so the identity of the main man from among the once given to the world this adventure causes a holy awe. Especially now. Although Hideki Kamiya was a star and a decade ago - after leading the development of Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry. It's funny that there is no sacramental Story in the first frame of the re-release: Hideki Kamiya. Having dissolved Clover in the year of Okami's release, the publishing house Capcom has for some reason been detracting from the role of the amazing team and its leader. And Kamiya, meanwhile, wrote a very strong story as a screenwriter and as a director he collected an equally integral game. At the base level, this is a fairy tale. A magical story of how the ancient Nippon land came the eight-headed dragon demon Orochi and turned almost all the land into a terrible dark zone with demons and poisonous fumes. And the goddess of the sun Amaterasu, incarnated in the guise of the white wolf Shiranui, gathered the forces of all the gods and drove away evil. But to look a little deeper - and the fairy tale begins to raise themes, of which good fellows must learn many lessons. Here is the descendant of a great warrior, Susano, the brave lover of sake. In fact, he is a miserable coward, constantly escapes from the battlefield, and even his sword is wooden. But different storylines directly and indirectly tell us that one can not escape from difficulties, and Susano will change.
9 months ago
Or here is the she-wolf heroine. For the inhabitants of Nippon, she looks like an ordinary white wolf, and only the pure-hearted and young children see the divine halo around the goddess. Sputnik Amaterasu, the beetle artist Isun, sadly states that people have ceased to believe in higher powers. After that, we are going to help the people of the nearby village - and they are surprised at how something good is happening around it - But Okami is not always serious. Comic Isun constantly gets into ridiculous situations and discharges the situation with excellent cues. The goddess Sakuya wears too tight kimono, and the elder of Kamiki village performs sacred rituals only after communicating with the bottle. Will be in the story and mysterious heroes such as the samurai Vaki, speaking with a French accent, and funny stories, and small tragedies. Perhaps the only negative in the narrative is the voicing of characters: instead of words they are monotonously drummed, that during long monologues starts to get on your nerves. Sumi my But the picture will cool down a lot. Styling for Japanese ink painting and made the glory of the game, but it is in the HD-version that it looks best - more colorful, brighter, juicier, or something. The version for the PlayStation 4 Pro even supports 4K resolution, and, believe me, Okami deserves so many points on the screen. This is exactly the situation when one must see once how the colorful woolen flowers blossom after the wolf, how nature is transformed, how we feed the little animals with unhurried music.
9 months ago