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Tiny MysteryGirl


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Mac Calendar hosted by MobileMe

Shared on January 25, 2004 at 4:38 am

Greek Orthodox Christian Calendar

A calendar to follow the feast days and holidays in the Greek Orthodox Church. More dates/updates will be added. Please feel free to email me with suggestions, and dates you wish to see included. Thanks!


Thank you all for downloading this calendar. If you need a special date, or feast day added please feel free to contact me. M
over 12 years ago
Please bear with me as I am finally updating the calendar. To those who sent condolences for my mother Falling asleep in the Lord, thank you. As I update the calendar, rest assured that the version that you download will look different than the one you see here. The version updates daily and the changes may not show here, but will show on your computer or PDA. M
over 12 years ago
I assure you that the calendar you see here is MUCH different and accurate. There's a glitch with the site. If you click to subscribe the REAL calendar will show and download. Here's the exact url: webcal://
over 12 years ago
This is the actual url where you can view the calendar: You can also subscribe from this link. Thank you for being so patient in the transition! M
over 12 years ago
You did not include Agios Andreas nameday, November 30.
over 12 years ago
Andreas, I will be adding that day. It was on the original calendar but with the move to various servers many days somehow got deleted. In between was the sudden passing of my mother. Now that the calendar is on a different server, I am updating as quickly as I can. With Holy Week underway, I need to update for the next few months as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and I definitely will be adding much more. Thank you to ALL who have commented and downloaded! I've now had this up 6 or 7 yrs and it's gone to the top of the most popular calendars. I thank you all and wish EVERYONE Kali Anastasi!
over 12 years ago
You have Saint George, but not Empress Alexandra on 21 April. Thanks for all the effort :)
about 12 years ago
Vegar, I have added Empress Alexandra's Feast Day on April 21st. Thank you for the reminder!!
almost 12 years ago
Andreas, I have put Andrew - The First Apostle back on the calendar. During the transition to the new servers, some of the information was lost. Thank you for the reminder and when it's November 30th, Χρόνια Πολλά! M
almost 12 years ago
Thank you to everyone who's downloaded my calendar! I'm moving it's download address, which shouldn't affect you when you click on the subscribe or refresh once downloaded. Since I was using my Mac Mobile Me account, they have moved to the "Cloud." I'm in the process of moving it all to the cloud, and once finished should be a seamless conversion. Thank you again! M
almost 10 years ago
can't get a subscription for outlook Can you provide me a valid link pls ?
over 8 years ago
Can't subscribe to calendar!! When entering the above url calendar app gives error. I'm using os x mavericks!! What am I doing wrong? Please help!!
over 8 years ago
I have the same problem! "There was an unexpected error with the request on subscribed calendars (error -1)". And I'm also using os x mavericks! Please help..
over 8 years ago
I am also unable to get this calendar!! Will this be fixed?
about 8 years ago
I really want to download this calendar. Any idea why it will not download?
almost 7 years ago
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