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Sports Sports: Soccer

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Shared on January 29, 2004 at 9:46 am

Arsenal FC fixtures

Always updates since 2003/04 season!

All the fixtures (Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA-cup, League-cup and friendlies) with results and goalscorers. All coming fixtures are updated with the opposition, venue and kick-off times as they are confirmed by Arsenal FC.

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Would be great if it could also show the TV channel that the fixture will be shown on - like the Arsenal iPhone app :)
almost 8 years ago
If you check the Notes field you can see if the match is on SkySports or ESPN
almost 8 years ago
The calendar is now updated with the fixtures for 2010-2011. It will as always be updated with result and goal scorers after the matches has bee played.
over 7 years ago
Great job keeping this up to date: thanks. Graham
about 7 years ago
This is fantastic!! Keep up the good work much appreciated!!!
almost 7 years ago
This calendar is moving to another server. Subscribe at
over 5 years ago
Click on "View related website" to subscribe.
over 5 years ago
There were some problems with the URL, use this new one: P.S. View related website is now again...
over 5 years ago
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