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Shared on September 14, 2021 at 12:25 pm

Rundown of All the Types of Cricket Balls Used in the Game

Kinds of Cricket Balls Used in Cricket

In the game of Cricket Game, Ball assumes a urgent part. A cricket ball is made out of refined cowhide sewed with hands. Inside the cowhide, an internal center comprises of a little stopper ball which guarantees the strength just as the bob of the ball. Distinctive style of player, diverse playing circumstance needs an assortment of cricket balls.

We have seen the utilization of red balls directly from the Test Cricket match-up appeared.

Another kind of ball named white ball was presented for the 50-over design.

With the ICC dispatching day/night tests, the pink ball is presented remembering the agreements

These cricket balls do have different characteristics separated from the shading

Allow us to talk about more the historical backdrop of balls utilized in the game of cricket.

History of The Ball Used in Cricket

In 1856, the world's first cowhide ball was presented. The ball had a center hard stopper that made it substantial normally. The cricket ball was fabricated by British Cricket Balls Ltd already and they were known as Dukes.

Allow us to examine the sorts of Cricket Balls exhaustively:

In light of sewing designs:

Four-piece cricket balls

Two-piece cricket balls

Four-Piece Cricket Balls

In four-piece cricket balls cowhide is cut into quarter shape. The inward center is comprised of four-piece of quarter shape cowhide. Talented specialists guarantee to sewing at four sides. Four-piece cricket balls offer a great of execution in the cricket match. Every one of the leagues, clubs just as global cricket match utilize the four-piece cricket balls comprised of calfskin.

Two-Piece Cricket Balls

In two-piece cricket balls, calfskin is made out of two semi-circle. An internal center comprised of great is kept into two cowhide semi-circles. With the assistance of gifted specialists, sewing is done on the two sides. Two-piece calfskin cricket balls are utilized by passage level players. The two-piece calfskin balls are produced using acceptable nature of cowhide. In the event that you contrasted and four-piece cricket balls, there is some distinction as far as skipping.

Preparing LEVEL

Manufactured Cricket Balls

Proficient cricket preparing foundation utilizes engineered cricket balls for preparing. The cricket ball like manufactured is produced using the engineered material. It appears as though an appropriate cowhide ball.

The manufactured cricket ball is utilized at global cricket match as they are lighter in weight. Beginner cricket players use it to prepare for handling just as getting. The delicate engineered cricket ball ranges at Rs 250/piece fluctuating on the item quality and assembling organization.

Sorts of Balls utilized in cricket Based On Colors:

Pink shading cricket calfskin ball

White shading cricket calfskin ball

Red shading cricket cowhide ball

Red shading cricket calfskin balls are utilized in Standard global cricket matches. Red shading cricket ball gives better swing and tries to please bowlers. They are the best cricket balls utilized in the matches.

Red Leather Balls


Each over in global cricket match utilizes the Kookaburra calfskin cricket ball. It is produced in Australia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The red Kookaburra has a 4-piece development weighing 156 grams. The Kookaburra cricket ball is machine-made.

The Kookaburra cricket ball is utilized adequately till 20 overs after that it probably won't swing and ages significantly. It doesn't give to the spinner much grasp to turn the ball.

White cricket balls are utilized for limited matches or day-night cricket match or one day match. The balls are very much intended to permit near red shading ball execution. The white cricket balls need to keep up with sparkle and shading which is trying for a whole cricket match.

In white cricket balls, ball tone is acquired with scouring the calfskin for quite a while. It is known as a characteristic calfskin white ball tone.

Pink Leather Ball

Kookaburra fabricated the main cowhide pink ball. It was first utilized in the main day-night test cricket match in 2015 between New Zealand and Australia at Adelaide. The pink cricket ball was produced as the red ball. It was not noticeable in the night under floodlights. The white ball would be hard to use because of white pullovers. Pink was the shading noticeable in obscurity around evening time under the floodlights. The Pink calfskin cricket ball is more costly than the SG ball. It is utilized to play test matches utilized in India. The Kookaburra ball utilized in T20s and One day match ranges Rs 12000

Pink shading cricket balls are utilized to play preliminary. To start with, it was utilized between New Zealand and Australia test cricket match-up.


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