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Shared on November 30, 2021 at 5:44 am

Who Is the very best Player In IPL History?

IPL is a magnificent cricket tournament. Fans wait to view the cricket matches on TV to get entertained. Cricket lovers head to stadiums to watch IPL cricket matches too. Everyone has their favorite player in IPL.

Favorites are favorites and most of us have our reasons to such as a particular cricket player. Let us see who the best player in IPL history in each IPL team is.

1. Amit Mishra- Delhi Capitals

Amit Mishra is a power performer. He did wonders for the Delhi Capitals cricket team with his striking performances. He comes with an amazing strike rate of 19.75 for a spinner in a brief cricket tournament like T20.

2. Shane Warne - Rajasthan Royals

Shane Warne may be the most reliable player for Rajasthan Royals. He has taken 57 wickets in a total of four IPL seasons.

Rajasthan Royals is an absolute team as a result of the excellent performances that Shane Warne gives every time he plays.

3. Glenn Maxwell - Punjab Kings

The Punjab Kings has not been the strongest cricket team. Their performance is inconsistent since they started playing the IPL cricket tournament. It had been Glenn Maxwell who took Punjab Kings to the finals in 2014.

4. David Warner- Sunrisers Hyderabad

Team Sunrisers Hyderabad didn't have steady performance in IPL matches. One auction in 2014 changed the team’s fortune.

The Australian cricketer David Warner joined the team in 2014 and made the team stronger. He has scored a lot more than 500 runs in every tournament that he has played since 2014.

5. Sunil Narine - Kolkata Knight Riders

Sunil Narine is a high IPL player. He is the perfect bowler that Kolkata Knight Riders are proud to have.

6. Virat Kohli - Royal Challengers Bangalore

Virat Kohli may be the star batsman of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite the fact that RCB isn't the strongest IPL cricket team always, many cricket fans watch their matches only due to Virat Kohli.

Another power performer in the team can be popularly loved by cricket fans. That RCB player is none other than AB de Villers. Both Virat Kohli and AB de Villers are the stars of the RCB team.

7. Lasith Malinga - Mumbai Indians

Malinga can be an incredible bowler. It's mostly the batsmen who get all the praise but Malinga’s performance is noticed by fans.

This bowler took a complete of 170 wickets with an economy rate of 7.40. Malinga is definitely the most valuable player on the Mumbai Indians team.

8. MS Dhoni - Chennai Super Kings

Who doesn’t love MS Dhoni? He has been fabulous since his debut in the cricket world.

Chennai nailed the winner’s title thrice in the IPL season due to Dhoni. His cool-minded nature and quick reflexes did a lot of good things to the Chennai Super Kings team.

9. Jasprit Bumrah:

This Indian bowler in addition has been the most sought-after fantasy cricket bowler in the Indian T20 Premier League for days gone by five years.

10. Andre Russell:

Andre Russell of the West Indies is a part of nearly every cricket team in the last few years. The all-rounder can gain fantasy points by doing just about anything during a game, including batting and bowling.

MS Dhoni, Latish Malinga, Shane Warne, Virat Kohli, Sunil Narine, Glenn Maxwell, Amit Mishra, and David Warner will be the best players from the eight IPL teams.

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