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Shared on May 13, 2022 at 3:37 pm

Nationwide Apostille Services

Nationwide Apostille Services
6705 Oak Grove Parkway
Brooklyn Park, MN, 55445

Are you doing a google look for notary, notary near me, apostille files or apostille services? Well look no more Nationwide Apostille Services is here to manage all of your notary services and apostille authentication requirements. We manage a range of notary services such as Real Estate, Legal, Medical, Education, Affidavits, POA, Living Will, Living Trust, Estate Planning, Loan Closings, State Documents and a lot more.

Apostilles validate the seals and signatures of authorities on public files such as birth certificates, court orders, or any other file provided by a federal firm or accredited by a Foreign or american consulate. We at Nationwide Apostille Services take the guess work out of it and will manage the total procedure for getting your files apostille and authorized the very first time.

It is our objective to supply hassle-free and fast services whenever you require an Apostille and/or Notary Service (Mobile or Online). We are a Veteran Owned Business and pride ourselves with those worths in mind to provide our clients the best, expert, and considerate service that they are worthy of. Due to COVID-19, I am happy to be able to use an option to your notary obstacles by confirming your notarization online, which indicates you do not have to leave your home.


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