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Shared on November 15, 2004 at 8:07 am

Nintendo DS

The US release schedule for Nintendo DS. This calendar is automatically generated nightly from, so refresh frequently. If there is any information you see on that you would like included in a calendar, please let me know (narf_tm at trulycertifiable dot com).


In the universe of Boiling Bolt, the world was destroyed by war and divided into several islands existing at the expense of the strength of the crystals. Suddenly a thousand years later, one of the islands was attacked by representatives of an evil organization, trying to extract energy and threatening the lives of ordinary people. A soldier named June joins his gun-equipped ship and goes to fight the reptiles than she has to deal with for as many as five levels. Online-Spiele spielen - The plot is told through "cartoon" inserts in an anime-like style. They look better than some Skylar & Plux, but they are still badly made - they end at the most interesting moments, they do not contain any useful information and do not really tell about the heroes, the universe, or the conflict. Although it is ridiculous to demand quality narration from games of this genre, it is sometimes better not to focus on history at all, than to do everything after the sleeves. The gameplay project obviously tries to resemble the Resogun, but many of its elements do not reach this level of quality. Each level represents the flight of a ship from one side to the other with a passing shot of opponents and a battle with the "boss" in the final - a standard description of any shoot 'em up. However, strange design solutions are immediately struck in the eyes - for example, the whole action unfolds only in the center of the screen, and the space from above and from the bottom is not involved at all. Another absurd feature of Boiling Bolt is related to the structure of the levels - the path the boat makes, for some reason made too twisty. The road then goes deep, it moves towards the player, it slightly curls, and because of this, it becomes more difficult to shoot enemies flying from afar. In some places, this design seems unusual and original, but in most cases it simply hinders, because you do not always understand whether your shells will reach the target or not. The ship of the main heroine is able to shoot only in two directions: forward and backward. But it is always possible to activate an alternative fire mode, of which there are only four. Two of them allow damage to all enemy ships around the player, although the range of the gun when using them is greatly reduced. There is also a shield giving a chance to survive when receiving damage, and a terribly inconvenient black hole activated by two clicks. When you try to dodge dozens of bullets flying at you, to think about something other than survival and normal shooting, there is no time.
5 months ago