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Shared on November 15, 2004 at 8:06 am

Sony PSP

The US release schedule for Sony PSP. This calendar is automatically generated nightly from, so refresh frequently. If there is any information you see on that you would like included in a calendar, please let me know (narf_tm at trulycertifiable dot com).


To escape from difficult situations, you can jerk, which, according to the training, slows down the time when used next to the enemy or shell. In fact, it works once in ten, and the problem is not so much in the snatch itself, as in a too small space for similar maneuvers and curved levels. Periodically there are enemies who release around themselves at once ten bullets, and if there are several such at the location, no jerks will help. Sometimes the game generally pushes into the frame and forces you to survive for a minute in a narrow rectangle, from which you can not get out. Online Games - Strange design could be forgiven if the shootings were spectacular and exciting, as in Resogun. But in Boiling Bolt, everything looks too humdrum - there are no ships flying into small pieces, enemies are very similar to each other and often require a dozen hits, and in general the power of the gun on the boat is not felt. You seem to be shooting, like you are killing someone, but it does not cause emotion and quickly bores you. Only battles with "bosses" are interesting, during which you wake up and start to get at least some pleasure, but their movements are sometimes too unpredictable, because of what one after another you lose precious "lives." But the problems of Boiling Bolt are connected not only with the basic gameplay mechanics. Before the beginning of the first mission, the player is given a pack of crystals and allows you to purchase improvements for the ship. Some increase protection, others increase the attack rate, others affect speed. That's just all this does not change anything. The character dies from a pair of hits, deals the same damage to opponents, and speed does not give advantages. Part of the details worsens some characteristics, but improves others, but it is impossible to see the difference even in these cases. That is, a sense of progress in the game is missing completely, which greatly affects the desire to pereprohodit levels and earn ever more impressive results. After the end of a single campaign, which ends in an hour, new modes are unlocked in the menu. You can, for example, re-run individual tasks and earn steeper ratings. But the game does not explain in any way what certain ranks are given for. Dying a couple of times and destroying almost all the opponents, I got an evaluation of D. After that, I stuffed a huge combo, never perished, and almost perfectly completed the level, for which the game "generously" awarded C. What I did wrong and why the game seemed not to notice my efforts, - it did not become clear. Boiling Bolt does not notice the user's actions almost constantly, especially in the test mode. In one of them it is necessary for a given time to collect all the crystals scattered on the location, without perishing and not touching the black holes. I did about 10 times everything that is required, but time was running out, and a message appeared on the screen about the failure of the job. Almost all other tests are passed without problems, but everything that is related to the collection of crystals, whether it "pays", or incorrectly explained. The second is quite possible - the game is full of typos that in the Russian version, that in English. Even some trophies in PSN have illiterate names and descriptions.
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This Game is fun to play.
19 days ago