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Shared on April 27, 2009 at 12:21 am



May 10, 2009 (all day)

Fourth Sunday of Pascha: The Paralyzed Man. Tone three. Translation of the relics of Martyr Abramius of Bulgaria (1230) (movable holiday on the 4th Sunday of Pascha). Righteous Tabitha (1st c.) (movable holiday on the 4th Sunday of Pascha). New Martyr Theodore of Bizantium, who died at Mitilene (1795) (movable holiday on the 4th Sunday of Pascha) (Greek). All Saints of Euboea (movable holiday on the 4th Sunday of Pascha) (Greek). Hieromartyr Symeon the Kinsman of the Lord (107). New Hieromartyrs Paul and John priests, Martyrs Peter, Nicholas, Auksentius, Sergius and Virgin-martyr Anastasia (1922). Virgin-martyr Mary (1938). New Hieromartyr John priest (1941). Venerable Stephen, abbot of the Kiev Caves and bishop of Vladimir in Volhynia (1094). St. Eulogius the Hospitable of Constantinople (6th c.). Venerable John, abbot of Cathares Monastery at Constantinople (832). Venerable Simeon the New Stylite of Cilicia. New Hieromartyr Seraphim, bishop of Phanar (1601). Burning of the relics of Venerable Sava I of Serbia by the Turks (1595). New Martyr Elias (Ardunis) of Mt. Athos (1686) (Greek). St. Pollion the Reader of Cibalis in Pannonia (306). St. Nicon, abbot of the monastery of St. Gerasimus (6th c.). St. Floribert, bishop of Luik (746) (Neth.). Holy Martyrs Poplionus and Lollionus the New. St. Machalus, bishop of the Isle of Man. The Scripture Readings Luke 24:1-12 (4th Matins Gospel) Acts 9:32-42 John 5:1-15 1 Corinthians 4:9-16 Apostle Matthew 13:54-58 Apostle HIDE TROPARION Sunday of the Paralytic, Troparion, Tone V — Christ is risen from the dead, trampling on death by death, and on those in the tombs bestowing life. Kontakion, Tone III — By Thy divine presence, O Lord, raise my soul which is terribly paralyzed by all kinds of sins and misguided actions, as of old Thou didst raise the paralytic, that saved I may cry to Thee: O compassionate Christ, glory to Thy power. Troparion of the Sunday, Tone III — Let the heavens rejoice, / let the earth be glad! / For the Lord has shown might with His arm,/ He has trampled down death by death. / He has become the first-born of the dead. / He has delivered us from the depths of hell, / and has granted the world great mercy! Hymn to the Theotokos, Tone III — We praise you as the mediatrix of our salvation, / O Virgin Theotokos. / For your Son, our God, Who took flesh from you, / accepted the passion of the cross, / delivering us from corruption as the Lover of man. Kontakion of the Sunday, Tone III — On this day Thou didst rise from the tomb, O Merciful One, / leading us from the gates of death. / On this day Adam exults as Eve rejoices; / with the prophets and patriarchs they unceasingly praise / the divine majesty of Thy power! Holy Hieromartyr Symeon, the Kinsman of Christ, Troparion, Tone I — In sacred manner do we praise thee, O sacred hierarch Symeon,/ as the kinsman of Christ and a steadfast martyr/ who destroyed deception and kept the Faith./ Wherefore, celebrating today thy most holy memory,// we receive remission of sins through thy supplications. Kontakion, Tone IV..."Thou hast appeared..." — Today, the Church, possessing the divinely eloquent Symeon/ as a exceeding great star, shineth, crying aloud:// Rejoice, O honored crown of martyrs!

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