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Shared on February 26, 2010 at 6:20 pm

F1 Ultimate - The Formula 1 Calendar for 2018

F1 Ultimate - The ultimate Formula 1 Calendar for Apple Calendar and other applications. Subscribe today to recieve the full schedule of the F1 Season of 2018. You find the whole schedule from Friday to Sunday. Full TimeZone support. If you're a member on Facebook you can join us on our F1 Ultimate Facebook group to get informed of recent updates and changes!


This is truely the ultimate F1 calendar out there! This guy is doing a realy good job since four years! TimZone support works great!
about 8 years ago
Thanks a lot! There seems to be a problem with the preview at iCalShare. All 'oneday events' are one day longer then in the original calendar. sems to be a problem with all calendars!
about 8 years ago
Importing this into Google calendar I found a few inconsistencies: 1) It's called 2011 F1 2) Most of the All Day events have no title, so I don't know what race it is until I view the individual race event
about 6 years ago
Hey! Great calendar and one of the few where the time zones are correct! One error: the Monaco GP All day events span one day too long! It should be from 14/5 to 16/5 and now it's set from 13/5 to 16/5!
about 8 years ago
Dear Lorenzo, due to the traditions there is no racing on Monacos friday.
over 7 years ago
Dear Brian, this is a known problem by google calendar. I have no idea how to fix it. A lot of people have the same problem.
about 6 years ago
Hello, I’ve just noticed a very little issue. On 30/05/2012 there is an empty event called “New Event”. (How I find it? I had to search past for an event in one of my calendars and coincidentally it was on the same day). Thank you for this great calendar!
over 5 years ago
Hey FAM, thanks for letting me know, seems to be some leftovers from the dinner! ;)
over 5 years ago
You seem to be missing the first race of the 2015 season. 15/03 Australia this is taken from FIA website http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2014/9/16342.html
over 3 years ago
all updated! now including weekend schedules!
about 3 years ago
Great calendar, thanks. Since I plan to travel to many F1 races this year, do you have a calendar that shows the dates and times in the country where they are taking place Thanks again!
about 3 years ago
Hello, this calendar has always been great. When can we expect the update for the 2016 season. Thanks very much.
over 2 years ago
all done! settled for 2016 ready to go! @Michel: maybe to late but my calendar supports 'time zone support' if you switch it on and you look into details of an event you can see the local times. if you switch your calendar time zone all schedules will be adjusted to your chosen time zone.
about 2 years ago
update for 2017 with approved schedule. detailed weekend schedule will follow.
over 1 year ago
all fixed for 2017 - gentlemen start your engines!
about 1 year ago
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