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Tiny Osvaldini


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Shared on February 27, 2010 at 6:55 am

Famous Lesbian & Gay Birthdays

September 2018: Please note that this is a calendar of historical LGBT folks who are either deceased over have attained sustained fame over the course of a long period of time (20 years at minimum). "New gays" who just came out last week do not count as their fame is momentary and have not lead to long-term changes to LGBT culture.

This iCalendar was founded in September 2005. Famous Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Birthday calendar is a fun and educational list of historically famous LGBT persons from around the world; however, with a focus on Western figures from history. From scientists, to artists to educators. From Oscar Wilde to Ma Rainey to KD Lang. This extensive list comes with detailed biographies of the famous person's life. I hope you enjoy the calendar, I've spent a couple of years putting together. I update the calendar on a quarterly basis, so you'll always see new individuals included.


Y ou forgot me, Rob Drake,Irish hate crime survivor since 1/31/99 and Lambda Award winning co-editor 2x. B'day 5/14/62. Cheers... ;-) MIGOD, HOW BIG IS her head?
about 9 years ago
This still active? Have a name to add if so. Thanks, Dan
about 4 years ago
Hello Dan, so sorry. Yes, I am still alive and will be updating this calendar this summer. Stay tuned.
almost 2 years ago
I'm not seeing ANY birthdays at all on this calendar! I clicked on the link from Wikipedia hoping to find all of the birthdays listed there in an easily accessible format. I'm very disappointed that I am unable to see anything at all!
over 1 year ago
Hello Susan, I am not sure why you're not seeing any items on the calendar, I just double check my settings and everything is working correctly. I suggest try hitting the download button again. Thanks for your patronage.
9 months ago
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