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3c1f51b0de9afbcb64e3d9771336c1cf Mark Bean


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Shared on March 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm

BTCC 2010 British Touring Car championship.

BTCC British Touring Car championship.
touring car racing series held each year in the United Kingdom. The Championship was established in 1958 as the British Saloon Car Championship and has run to various rules over the years – "production cars", then FIA Group 1 or 2 in the late 1960s and 1970s, and then Group A in the 1980s, when in 1987, the series took on its current name. (A lower-key Group N series for production cars ran for most of the 1990s).


Hi Mark can you have a look at your BTCC cal as its bringing up the same event about 20 times !!
about 12 years ago
This is excellent! I've only just come across this calendar scheduler - works for me, Richard - perhaps save to desktop and try to manually input into your calendar. I remember the older BTCC championships as a younger lad (and no i'm not THAT old!). I recently attended the BTCC 2019 and it was amazing to see Andrew Jordan take not only the fastest lap, but winning position too at the brands hatch circuit. I think he ran under the BMW Pirtek Racing banner because i remember catching a glimpse of his BMW 330i MSport on the tracks before the race and it looked absolutely pristine. I even asked who on earth detailed his car to perfection and got told by the management it was a fella down at Mobile Car Detailing London who worked his magic. I think if i was any closer i'd be able to see my face in it. Really looking forward to the next BTCC but with COVID i'm not sure if that'll happen. If it does, please place a timetable up for it as you've done here! Some of us eager-eyed racers would love the info! Cheers, Jason.
over 1 year ago
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