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Created by:

6d096e150676f28db4018699f6dd6215 David Poves


Sports Sports: Soccer

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Icloud Calendar hosted by iCloud

Shared on June 12, 2010 at 9:41 am

World Cup 2014


I have been updating and uploading this calendar for a few years now.

If you activate time zones in your calendar it will adjust to display the correct time for the games wherever you are in the world.

I have added UK TV channels that will be broadcasting each game. Although sometimes this information changes I will try to keep it updated.

In addition to the current 2014 World Cup it includes the results of:

-2006 World Cup
-2010 World Cup
-2012 Euro Cup

I am afraid that the 2008 results seem to have got lost when my calendar application was updated.

This calendar has been highly rated in the past and I hope you still find it useful.

I upload the results and information as soon as it is possible for me. If there is anything you would like changed you only need to let me know.

Many thanks.

(2017 update)
I have stopped using iCloud after an OS upgrade causing issues with my AppleID. I will eventually move it to Google Calendars and update the information for the 2018 World Cup.

You should be able to view the calendar here until the day comes to update it:


love it so far. can you please add quarters, semi final, etc... after group matches please? thank you very much!
over 12 years ago
I am in the process of populating it. Rest assured it will be done. I would love to get any comments or requests to add to the calendar.
over 12 years ago
It is fully populated now.
over 12 years ago
MOST excellent calendar -- thanks for putting this together and for updating it after the games. Best 2010 World Cup Calender I've found.
over 12 years ago
Just joined to say thanks for this calendar. I've been mucking around with loads of different ones before I found this, this is easily the best. Great information on each game. I imagine it's a lot of effort to keep it updated - much appreciated.
over 12 years ago
Thank you for your kind comments David and Chris. I try to put the results as soon as possible and adding the match details when I am in front of a computer. :) It is nice when other people are benefiting of the work, and believe me, I enjoy it knowing you guys find it useful. :) Thank you!
about 12 years ago
Works very well. Has updates as well. Nice job. Thank!!
over 8 years ago
Thank you, it is really nice to know that people find it useful. I am very grateful for you taking the time to leave a comment.
over 8 years ago
Thanks for creating and maintaining this calendar, David!
over 8 years ago