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Mac Calendar hosted by MobileMe

Shared on September 30, 2002 at 6:38 pm

UK Holidays

This calendar contains a list of UK holidays. (From Apple.)


The August bank holiday on the 30th is missing. Which idiot set this up?
about 7 years ago
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about 7 years ago
This calendar is blank!
almost 8 years ago
Safari can’t open the specified address. Safari can’t open “webcal://” because Microsoft Windows doesn’t recognize Internet addresses starting with “webcal:”.
over 7 years ago
Best connected via iPhone, iPod or iPad.
over 7 years ago
The Royal Wedding Bank Holiday on 29 April is missing.
over 7 years ago
Also, the Queen's birthday on 21 April is not a public holiday.
over 7 years ago
If you truly want this to be UK holidays then the following are wrong: I believe the Scots refer to 25 January as Burn's Night, not Robert Burn's Night It's Mothering Sunday _not_ Mother's Day which is the American equivalent; this distinction is lost on most UK retailers though. Mothering Sunday is better in that it doesn't imply any gender. 21 April is the Queen's Birthday and not Anniversary. As has already been pointed out it's not a holiday either; something that applies to a lot of entries in a supposed UK holidays calendar.
over 4 years ago
Just wish they had explained how it works, would love to see UK holidays shown on the calendar. But without a download button how are users supposed to get this onto their pcs????
over 4 years ago
Ken Ward Just wish they had explained how it works, would love to see UK holidays shown on the calendar. But without a download button how are users supposed to get this onto their pcs????
over 2 years ago
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