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Shared on May 3, 2011 at 1:05 pm

PS3 EU Release Dates

This calendar will give you the confirmed EU release dates for the Playstation 3. Maintained by, this is updated regularly and checked manually against a variety of sources to ensure accuracy is maintained.


I already wrote a preview of the early version of Demons Age, but did not say then that the game is made on the desktop system OGL 3.5, which is well known and compatible with AD & D. However, all fans of such advanced role-playing mechanics will be more disappointed. Friv Jogos - Detailed generation of the character as it was not in the early version, so there is no full. Only the opportunity to choose a race was added, having received starting bonuses and penalties: halflings, for example, get +2 to dexterity and -2 to strength, and dwarves - +2 to build and -2 to charisma. There are also people, elves and their dark relatives. Classes only five - a thief, ranger, cleric, warrior and magician. No special creative experiments with "pumping" is not provided - at each new level, the main characteristics are automatically increased. Plus, we can raise them with equipment. In the previews, I hoped that we would be allowed to determine at least what skill to learn at a new level, but this was not given in the end - the characters themselves get new abilities. And if the magicians and clerics are really gradually discovering some interesting spells, then the soldiers and shooters are obviously deprived - in addition to the standard attack they are allowed to use as much as possible, with which two or three strikes occur at once. Generosity, you see, incredible ... We begin in proud solitude, but then other characters can join the hero. Basically, we buy mercenaries in taverns, which can be reached on the global map. Do not expect any registered individuals with their skeletons in the closet, opinion on all occasions and personal quests.
3 months ago