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1697a486c1eb8d25bbb247b1859259b3 Peter Lars Jensen


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Shared on May 1, 2006 at 9:14 am

Danish Holidays and other important national dates

In English:

This calendar is written in Danish and contains Danish holidays, public holidays, birthdays of the royal family, which days the national flag should be raised and other important national dates and a description of each of these days in the notes from January 1th 2006 until December 31st 2015.

Important: The calendar was original posted for the first time back in January 2003 and was only valid five years from then. It has been updated extensively with more dates, more accuracy and better descriptions. Be sure to update your subscription of this calendar as the link of the calendar has changed compared to the original.

På dansk:

Denne kalender er skrevet på dansk og indeholder danske helligdage, nationale mærkedage, den kongelige families fødselsdage, flagdage og nok vigtigst af alt en beskrivelse af dagene og begivenhederne i notefeltet. Kalenderen er gældende fra den 1. januar 2006 til den 31. december 2015.

Vigtigt: Kalenderen blev oprindeligt udgivet tilbage i januar 2003 og var kun opdateret fem år frem. Kalenderen er nu blevet opdateret med flere mærkedage, større nøjagtighed og bedre beskrivelser. Det er vigtigt at du opdaterer dit abonnement på denne kalender, idet linket til den er ændret i forhold til den oprindelige mærkedagskalender.


It's a problem that the URL has danish letters in it, not many systems handles that correctly. Would it be possible to substitue æ with ae or something like that?
almost 7 years ago
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