Solar/Lunar Eclipses, Moon Phases, Conjunctions/Oppositions, Lunar Ascending/Descending Node, Apogee/Perigee, Perihelion/Aphelion (source: NASA) on iCalShare
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0deb185923388039ac24967d2c4ab9d7 Barry Carter


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Shared on February 25, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Solar/Lunar Eclipses, Moon Phases, Conjunctions/Oppositions, Lunar Ascending/Descending Node, Apogee/Perigee, Perihelion/Aphelion (source: NASA)

**Please contact if you notice any errors; commenting below will not notify me**

This ical file contains every event listed in, with all options checked, for 2015-2037, a total of 6299 events over 23 years (about 274 events per year). This includes moon phases, eclipses, equinoxes/solstices, apogee/perigee, lunar/planetary/solar conjuctions, maximum elongations, ascending/descending node, meteor showers and more. For most people this will be overkill, and you will want to filter.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any automated way to filter icalendars (if you find one, please email me), so the "you will want to filter" above is pretty meaningless unless you wish to filter by hand (the format's not that difficult to follow, but hand filtering is tedious)

If you're a programmer and want to help me out (with filtering the calendar, other calendar projects, or any other projects whatsoever, please visit or contact me directly.


Hi there! Nice material, do keep me posted when you post something like this again! I will visit this blog leaps and bounds for more quality posts like it. Thanks... 꽁머니 홍보방
over 1 year ago
It crashed 30boxes. Too much data.
about 7 years ago
Thank you so much...worked perfectly for me...
over 6 years ago
Hi Barry. I've been using this calendar for ages and I appreciate you posting it. I noticed today's (2/10/2017) full moon wasn't showing up on my Google calendar. I went through the raw ics and noticed that today's full moon's UID isn't truly unique. It's repeated on the full moons of 12/27/2023 and 12/15/2035. On my Google calendar, only the the latest instance of that UID shows up (full moon of 12/15/2035). I modified the ics to remove all UID's and now all 3 of those full moons show up. I don't know anything about iCalendar and what the usefulness of UID is (a brief search talks about recurrance). If you're still interested in supporting and improving this, maybe you could repost your calendar without UID or make sure they are all truly unique? Thanks again for your work!
almost 6 years ago
Apologies, everyone. doesn't notify me when comments are made. I've now fixed the error David Veazie noticed. The changes should be available no later than 12 Feb 2017, though they should be available immediately. Please email if you find any new problems or have any suggestions.
almost 6 years ago
Hi Barry. May I know how do you build a calendar based on the webpage? I am a newbie here and I wish to build a trading calendar auto-update from
about 1 year ago
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