Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events (2015-2030) on iCalShare
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Created by:

Tiny Mehdi


Science Science

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Google Calendar hosted by Google Calendar

Shared on March 13, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events (2015-2030)

iCal download

This calendar provides 16 years of must see celestial events. Events included:
- Moon events (including lunar eclipse)
- Solar events (including solar eclipse)
- Planetary events
- Conjunctions
- Meteor showers
- Comets
- Asteroids
- International astronomy events
- Space craft events

Information about these events is contained within the description in the calendar. If you like the calendar, you can star the github repo:

All these dates and information where adapted from and it is copyrighted. The calendar was made using this script, feel free to change it for your needs:


Nothing imported with the subscription. Very disappointed--was really looking forward to this.
over 3 years ago
did you report the problem?
over 3 years ago
How does this website work?? I go to click on subscribe to calendar on multiple calendars and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
over 2 years ago
To subscribe in Google Calendar, use "Add by URL" in google calendar with this URL: The website's subscribe button isn't configured correctly. At least not for Google Calendar. But if you right click the subscribe button and "copy link address" you get the usable URL. But you need to remove the webcal:// and replace %40 with the @ symbol, and other URL substitutions.
over 2 years ago
Hello Mehdi, please help us! Don't know how to correct this... I tried these tips above and a lot of others and nothing. Maybe if you write the correct url or is there another way? Dont let this awesome work dont be shared. Sorry for the english!
over 2 years ago
Use this URL instead when adding to Google calendar. :)
over 2 years ago
trying to download on yahoo calendar, need icl
over 1 year ago
sorry ment ical extension
over 1 year ago
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about 1 year ago
Hello everyone, I added a download link for the iCal file
11 months ago
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