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Shared on June 28, 2015 at 4:36 am

Sabbats, Esbats, and Moon Phases

So, I’m really terrible with dates. This is why I decided to make an iCal (for those of you who have an apple product) with the Sabbats (Pagan Holidays), Esbats(Full Moons), and Moon Phases. Forgive me if there is something you don’t agree with in the text, I’ve based it on my spiritual path.

And yes, IT’S FREE.

To those of you who have a PC or an Android, it isn’t compatible, I’m sorry! I’m working on a lot more things, though, I promise! Follow me here for updates.

I did this for other scatterbrained pagans and witches who just don’t have time to write everything down or remember all that info.

Here is how I set it up:

• The Sabbats are designed to repeat yearly. Forever.

• The Esbats and Moon Phases will also be updated yearly. As I update them on my calendar, they will automatically update on yours. (this is done through the server, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything yourself!)

• Cute little icons as well as specific names make notifications more enjoyable and easy to figure out.

• In the “notes” section of the event I have included basic little paragraphs of information about the Sabbat, Esbat, or Moon Phase. ***For iPhone: Click on “Show All Notes” to read the full thing.***

• There are reference links in the “URL” section, so you can see where I got the info.

• All the Esbats and Moon Phases have exact times (EST) of when the Moon goes into that phase.

• I’ve included links to a time zone converter after the text on every one of the Esbats and Moon Phases (just in case you aren’t in EST - that’s Eastern Standard Time, for those who don’t know).

• Finally, I’ve included the dates of what I consider to be a “Dark Moon”, as a special bonus day!

DIRECTIONS (for Mac/Macbook): Scroll, Click “Subscribe to Calendar” > A box will pop up with “Open” or “Cancel” > ”Open” it in “Calendar/iCal” > A new empty tab will pop up on your internet browser with the link to the calendar download in the URL bar > Close that tab > Your new iCal subscription should be loaded into your calendar

DIRECTIONS (for iPhone or iPad): Tap "Subscribe to Calendar" > A page will open on your internet browser > Tap “Subscribe to Calendar” > A box will pop up asking if you want to subscribe to “Sabbats/, Esbats/, and Moon Phases” > Tap “Subscribe” > Another box will pop up saying “The Calendar ‘Sabbats/, Esbats/, and Moon Phases’ has been added” > Click “View Events” to see your handy new calendar! Or “Done” if you’d rather look at it later.

I plan to update this yearly/regularly.
Created June 2015.


do you have a url for this calendar that ends in .ics so I can export it to my cozi account
almost 7 years ago
Thank you so much for making this calendar!!! I have missed Sabbats/Esabbats before and it always makes me feel awful! Never again! Also just FYI, it works perfectly on a Chromebook and on a Republic Wireless Moto X. Blessed Be!!
over 6 years ago
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about 1 year ago
Can’t sub for some reason
about 1 year ago
plz, make it available on android.
12 months ago
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