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Shared on November 6, 2002 at 9:25 am

Minnesota Apple Computer User Group- Minneapples

Mini'app'les - The Minnesota Apple Computer User Group. A non-profit computer user/education group based in the Twin Cities serving computer users in Minnesota since 1979.

If you live in the Twin Cities area, come visit a meeting and see what Miniapples is all about. We have Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that focus on all things Macintosh and computing in general, from consulting, to finance, to digital artistry, not to mention gaming events. New SIGs include MacOSX, and Vectorworks.

SIG List-Appleworks, iMovie, VectorWorks, Microsoft Word, Vintage Mac/Apple, Filemaker Pro, Mac Consultants, Mac Novice, Mac OSX, Digital Imaging/Photoshop, and Mac Programmers.

Special Events - Miniapples Annual Auction, Miniapples Annual Meeting, Novice Workshop (usually meets quarterly).

Contact us at:
Mail: mini'app'les, PO Box 796, Hopkins, MN 55343
Email: miniapples@mac.com
Website: http://www.miniapples.org


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