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Created by:

Tiny William G C


Religion Religion

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Default Calendar is self-hosted

Shared on February 10, 2016 at 6:45 pm

Roman Catholic Calendar 2016


I am a Roman Catholic. I have a 2016 Roman Catholic Calendar iCal. The Roman Catholic iCal is detailed with attachments. This Roman Catholic iCal can be used as a Google Calendar. Google as this Calendar listed on their Public Index Listings. I have the link and the details. Over 90 Saints and First Friday and Saturdays and Holy Days of Obligations. I also have Moveable Feast and Feast Days.

This a Roman Catholic Calendar iCal. This has been tested and can be used with following:
• IO
• Google Calendar
• Windows

If you use this with the Google desktop you will see icons. Double click that icon and a picture attachment pops up with the information on the side will also be displayed for that icon topic. All gold cross represents Holy Days of Oblations, These gold cross also have picture attachment that pops up with the information on the side that will also be displayed for that icon topic.

Only a few icons have no picture attachments that pops up:
• White notices (documents)
• Two red cross per month
• One Calendar notice icon on January 1st
Double click these icons and just the information on the side will only be displayed for that icon. All red crosses represents First Friday and First Saturday of each month. All white notices, documents for any important upcoming events like the March for Life in January.

If you see a gold icon inside the INFORMATION this means the information, the fact is a true Miracle. I have also used this gold icon with Angels, St. Mark The Apostle Church of Gold and the Holy Face of Jesus.

If you use this iCal on IO (Apple) or Android device you will see picture icon attachments with the name file or part of it. Just tap the image icon and the picture will load and be displayed on the screen picture. Some events have an audio icon (MP3) like St. Therese of the Child Jesus. Just tap the image icon, audio icon (MP3) and you will see the play button. Tap the play button and you will hear the audio. Most of these audios are prayers like the Station of the Cross during Lent.

Also note this iCal will update automatically.



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