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Shared on October 24, 2006 at 9:03 am

Nintendo Wii

The US release schedule for Nintendo Wii. This calendar is automatically generated nightly from, so refresh frequently. If there is any information you see on that you would like included in a calendar, please let me know (narf_tm at trulycertifiable dot com).


Shadowhand takes action in Victorian England of the XVIII century and tells the story of a young aristocrat, Lady Cornelia Darkmoor, who, by the will of fate, is compelled to pretend to be a famous and mysterious masked criminal. And all in order to protect his girlfriend, which disappeared without a trace after the attack of the robbers. Chosen Games - The girlfriend then showed up in the company of some pirates, said that everything, they say, is good, but Cornelia feels some kind of dirty trickery and continues to investigate the situation. In the process, she has to constantly face corruption, blackmail and smuggling, fight pirates (and then drink with them in the tavern), thieves and aristocrats, escape from prison and visit many different locations. This story takes more than two dozen chapters, but does not look artificially stretched - there are many events and intrigues, so it's quite interesting to follow the story. But it's even more interesting to play Shadowhand. It looks like a typical "kazualka" - we consider beautiful static screens without the possibility of choosing replicas in dialogues, and in the intervals between plot scenes we add solitaire. But in this case, typical fun in the spirit of card games is seasoned and enriched with a breakthrough of really interesting nuances. Basic mechanics are understandable and long known - we remove from the field cards that are older or younger than the one that is now in our hand. That is, if in the hand of the seven, then you need to click, for example, on the six, and then on the five or again on the other seven. If there are no suitable cards, take a new one from the deck. The task is to remove all the cards from the field until the "deck" is over. The longer such combinations, coming in a row, the more powerful the combo, which brings us more money and stars at the end of the match.
3 months ago