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Shared on September 27, 2017 at 10:02 am

Problems with Technology in Education Today

As a Dissertation Writing Service provider I think as much as technology is playing a critical role in education, it has led to a series of challenges that need to be addressed.

Over reliance-technology has caused a lot of disadvantages to the students. This is becausetechnology has contributed much in limiting the students’ brains to thinking and making them to over use the internet for simple tasks. They have become lazy and unable to do things on their own. Their work is to copy paste direct information from the internet instead of doing their own research. Therefore, the use of technology in the education sector has made students unable to use their brain well in the writing and spelling rules since everything has been advanced and over simplified with the use of auto-correction. Technology should be dealt with critically to avoid it replacing the knowledge of the students but to reinforce it instead.


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