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Tiny kepulauan seribu


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Shared on January 20, 2018 at 6:55 am

Pulau Pelangi Island Resort | Pulau Seribu

Beach and sea vacation holidays and cottages make your holiday much more memorable as on a Pulau Pelangi island Resort that has a unique charm with wooden bungalow accommodation with a stage type (25 tulip bungalows and 29 bougenville bungalows with bungalows in which the executive is furnished with 2-bed air conditioners equipped with hot water) in all these bungalows overlooking the beach, in addition to the rainbow island there is a floating restaurant on the sea and a diving shop that has provided snorkeling gear, diving equipment, fishing equipment and many more others


with bungalows in which the executive is furnished with 2-bed air conditioners equipped OBAT KENCING NANAH ALAMI OBAT KENCING NANAH HERBALwith hot water) in all these bungalows overlooking the beach,
over 1 year ago
I thought of having a trip to the island during my vacation. Accidentally I have seen your blog and I came to know about this Pulau Pelangi Island Resort http://findcabletvproviders.com/. I think I could go there and stay in this resort to enjoy my vacation. Your detailed description shows unique character among other resorts.
about 1 year ago
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