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Shared on February 13, 2018 at 10:02 am

Mr Harish Meena Focus On Girl Child Education Development

One of the few committed individuals who has taken up serious work in the field and gained significant progress is Mr. Harish Chandra Meena His considerable efforts in the direction of Girl Child Education Development and skill building have gone a long way on the path to a sustainable future. The persistence and success in his efforts can be attributed to a thorough understanding of the gap in educational level and level of learning of students and thus the wide ridge between education and employment.


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over 1 year ago
Several programs should be introduced and proper awareness programs should be conducted in order to promote girl child education in many areas around the world. This will help in increasing the educational level and also help them in their future. British Museum Tour
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Mr Harish Chandra Meena efforts for the development of girl child education can be seen from his fund allocation of nearly Rs. crore towards education. website
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3 months ago
The program aims to holistically impact a girl child's education, health, and nutrition while sensitizing their families on their welfare.
2 months ago
An alternative approach to development that will allow girls their right to education, meet the commitments of the international community and maximize the multiplier effects of investing in girls’ education is a human rights, multisectoral model. Spreading positive thoughts is also important for every person. We do need good friends and also Friendship Status in Hindi especially if you are in the Asian region.
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