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Shared on February 21, 2018 at 11:04 am

Educational pressure

Talking about educational pressure, it can mean a lot of things. Parental Pressure, the kind of pressure that involves parents consistently point out the fact that if the topper of the class can do it, you can too; Social Pressure – You don’t want be called the nerd of the class. The End; and Peer Pressure; the no-nonsense teachers, who compare your grades to the straight A’s student and then tell you that you will never be able to get into a reputed university or find a job and make a living if you didn’t work ‘harder’. Today, it’s learning to earn, not learning to know. It has become a pressure-filled experience for students as well as teachers.
I don’t blame any of the above. They obviously have your best interest in mind. I just don’t think it’s a big deal whether you’re #1 or #3628478 and on behalf of the all the students, I’d appreciate if we weren’t compared. “This is my hand, are all the fingers on it of equal size? No, they’re not.” – [Songs at the River’s Edge – Katy Garden]. Each student has different traits, ideas, attitudes, and talents. Quit forcing too many expectations on them. Best Solution
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Many students are suffering from the educational pressure that is they got lots from the school itself. Also the parental Pressure, the kind of pressure that to become topper in the class and forced to do something that they are not able to do.print spooler service not running
7 months ago