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Shared on March 20, 2018 at 11:35 am

The 27 foremost abilities of a manager

The manager in order to perform a large number of functions assigned to him must have a set of relevant qualities. Specialists in this case usually distinguish groups of professional, personal and business qualities. The professional qualities include those that characterize any competent specialist and whose possession is only a necessary prerequisite for the performance of managerial duties. It should be noted that the requirements for managers with respect to these qualities are not the same at different levels of management. Usually in the leaders of the grass-roots level sociability is more appreciated, resoluteness sometimes turning into aggressiveness. From middle managers are usually waiting for the ability to organize a team for the implementation of planned work, for creative approaches.

From top managers are usually waiting for the ability to choose the direction of development of the organization, formulating policies, creating a favorable external environment, etc. The manager's personal qualities should also not differ much from the qualities of other employees who want to be respected and respected. Therefore, the possession of appropriate personal qualities is also just a prerequisite for successful leadership. The personal abilities of the manager include:

1. High moral standards and high level of internal culture

2. Physical and psychological health with responsiveness, caring, benevolent attitude to others optimism and self-confidence

3. The ability to create an organization, ensure its activities with all the necessary, set tasks and distribute them to workers, launch the production process and then coordinate and supervise it

4. Dominance, ambition, aspiration for power and personal independence, leadership in all circumstances, overestimated the level of claims, courage, determination, assertiveness, will, uncompromising in upholding one's rights

5. Compactness, communication skills, the ability to put people to oneself, to convince them of the correctness of their point of view, to lead oneself

6. The initiative, efficiency in solving problems, the ability to quickly select the main and concentrate on it, if necessary, easily rebuild

7. The ability to control oneself, one's behavior, working time, relationships with others

8. Striving for change, innovation, willingness to take risks and take responsibility for failure

9. Communication skills

10. Managerial talent, which allows people to carry on with themselves

11. Confidence

12. Organizational skills

13. Oratorical talent

14. Initiative

15. Self-criticism

16. Desire to take responsibility

17. Justice

18. Humanity

19. Openness

20. Ability to keep one's word

21. Consistency in actions

22. Cheerfulness

23. Competence in the relevant profession, formed on the basis of education and production experience

24. The breadth of views, based on a common erudition and profound knowledge of both their own and related fields of activity

25. The desire to acquire new knowledge, constant self-improvement, critical perception and rethinking of the surrounding reality

26. Search for new forms and methods of work, assistance to others and their education

27. Ability to plan appropriate work

In order for the management to be most effective, the manager must know his subordinates, and the team must receive his boss. The subordinates respect the leader who boldly assumes responsibility, takes the right management decisions, honestly recognizes his mistakes. The authority of your subordinates is not easy to make, it's a long job, and you can lose it in a matter of minutes. The main reasons for disrespect for their manager are excessive reinsurance and inactivity/indifference, but the presence of errors does not affect the credibility if the manager freely recognizes his mistakes.

To increase the authority of tolerance contributes to some weaknesses of people, which, in principle, do not interfere with the work of the whole team. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the presence in the organization of people who work poorly, do not seek to achieve the overall goal of the company, are lazy and completely uninitialized, reduces the overall effectiveness of the work, so it is not worth keeping such people in the team.

Author Bio
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