FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA™ 2018-中文 on iCalShare
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Shared on June 17, 2018 at 9:38 am


分享2018世界杯赛程订阅日历的中文版本,适用于mac、iphone 、ipad。
Share the Chinese version of the calendar for the 2018 World Cup fixtures subscription,This is the first time I've tried to share a calendar。


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@LEA There are many English versions here, you can find
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The iCalendar format is accepted by the majority of calendar programs that can embed web-based calendar data, and so on. Google Calendar / Android Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Blackberry Calendar Apps and all OS / iOS Calendar applications. That's why iCalendar-based calendars are often used to publish schedules of sports and music events.
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