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Shared on October 19, 2018 at 8:03 am

The Right Ways to Wear Saree for Unbeatable Wedding and Reception Functions 

Indian girls and their designer sarees for wedding reception have an indefinable connection that can never be replaced floor length dresses or with dresses. We recognize that a saree is as old as our Puranas, and also its ability to highlight women's curves can also be a fact created by the time immemorial.
Everyone is well conscious of the conventional draping style of a sari but did you ever think of going'out of the box' and possessing it in your own personal way. Trust me, this is what come under the spotlight of this lavish ceremony and you actually have to make a statement this wedding year. The yard weave has been the foremost and most favoured selection of every generation girls irrespective of size and their body shape.

Swirl with a Lehenga style Saree

A saree with a lehenga look is an in-thing this season. When many are currently switching from lehengas to saree a lehnga design is an attractive mixture of the two. Draped in this fashion will impart grace and elegance .

1. The lehenga style drape of your saree, Aside from the appearances, you are able to carry this cloth easily. Have a look at the steps:

2. After having a petticoat, give one wrap into the saree around your waist, as you do.

3. Choose the finish that is pallu and drape it in small pleats. Make sure that the diameter of each pleat is 4-5 inches. Each pleat needs to rest on each other in a way.

4. Take the remaining part of this saree and also make pleats around the back side and then tuck them on the lower side.

5. In side, you can tuck the pin that is pleated for adding that lehenga glamour to it.

Butterfly Pleats for your bordered saree

Butterfly style sarees look great on easy sarees with minimal work except an intricate medium width border. This style is an advanced version of nivi style that is traditional. We pay more attention to the details of the pallu in Buttery saree that is pleats.

1. After wrap the saree around your waist, then make 5-7 neatly arranged pleats and tuck them within the petticoat.

2. Then, wrap the pallu of this saree round the waist after coming from the ideal hand that it rests.

3. Using the pallu, create little pleats that are neatly positioned over each other.

4. It is possible to show-off your panties by spreading the pallu over your torso. And be sure that your navel reveals through the saree.

Dhoti Saree Drape -- Western Twist

Don't you think that adding a pinch of western trend to traditional Indian dressing may do wonders to your personality??? I agree with the idea. Dhoti saree for wedding is exactly what you want to reinvent your saree style and make heads turn around. Check it out here

1. Drape the saree around, after that overlap both the endings and leaving the end with a portion, securing it with a pin.

2. Create pleats and throw it.

3. Take the fabric, make pleats in the front and throw them within the skirt to form Indo dhoti design saree that is western. That is the way you dress up in bestie's big day!!!


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