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Shared on November 3, 2018 at 6:49 am

What is a Table Calendar and Why is it Useful?

What is a Table Calendar and Why is it Useful?

A table calendar is an everlasting table containing a list of dates and various components of those dates. These could be the result of DATEPART operations, season, holiday analysis, or any different creative operations we can think about.

The primary key of the table will be the time or some easy-to-use representation of this time. Each subsequent column will become an attribute of this date, where in fact the types and size of these columns can vary greatly. Initially, it may seem a desk such as this will be superfluous, and that data is simple to generate, but oftentimes as our reporting desires become sophisticated, so does the creation, repair, and consumption of this data.

As a result, storing calendar data in an everlasting location can be a simple solution. Here are some explanations why this data is useful and just why storing it in a devoted table could be a great decision:

Data is relatively simple to generate and requires little maintenance once created.
Calendar data can be utilised to service any studies that require it, removing the necessity to recreate it in each article.
We can implement a huge quantity of calendar metrics, and may easily add more as needed.
Calendar data is tiny regarding space used. Performance against this data is generally quite fast.
Complex reports could be simplified by removing commonly employed DATEPART and DATEADD computations.
Important organization logic, such as holidays, could be centralized and maintained in a single location.
Maintaining calendar data in a single table ensures we usually do not encounter inconsistencies between different reviews, reporting systems, or applications that require it.


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