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Shared on November 6, 2018 at 6:52 am


We all have them - those evil pieces of clothing that have up heavenly space inside our wardrobe. And for many reasons, have restrain over us.

Many of these cupboard sins are sentimental,though some are bound to us simply because that they costed a great deal way back in the eighties or nineties
For most, however, we wait to the the items we wore at the age of our social ‘prime; our best attractive years. And, based on how previous you are, this could be going back a 10 years or higher. But times change along with your wardrobe must follow suit.
But have courage gentlemen. For we shall lead you straight to the burning pit of fire and purge you of your sins - one horrible piece of clothing at a time.

Long Sleeve T-t-shirt With T-Shirt Layering
2005 came and went, sk8tr boi. It’s time to do yourself a favour and either wear a jacket or a tee - in no way both. The look was made renowned in the early 2000s during the elevation of the emo period where men would normally rock a light long sleeve and level it making use of their finest Von Dutch tee. The combo could vary but was in most cases accustomed with an order to “move along you little hoodlums,” by the area shopping centre security guard.

Bright Patterned Bow Ties
Okay, Peewee Herman. You’re not really cute. You’re not really a renegade in the style world. You’re that trying-to-be-funny dude who stands out a significant amount of at weddings . Heck if you had it the right path, you’d eliminate the bride’s garter yourself. End up being classy, not a clown. Go for subtle bow tie colours like black, brown, navy, peach, black or bright white with minimalist habits which exudes somewhat more class and style.

Hooded Leather Jackets
Of course, Justin Timberlake rocked it due to did every other cool dude trying to break right into the entertainment industry in early 2000s, but it’s now time and energy to retire good old faithful who accompanied you in to a many nightclubs and pubs that played ‘Yeah’ by Usher over repeat.

Neon Polo Shirts
The rave ended almost 2 full decades ago. The sole men who are permitted to rock neon polos happen to be tradesmen or council workers. Beyond that the shirt should be incinerated or banished to the back of your closet, saved for the odd 90s throwback party costume. In the latter’s case, don’t forget to pop yo’ collar.

Oversized Belt Buckle
It’s amazing to watch that even till today, the oversized and overbranded belt buckle remains doing the rounds. Happen to be you trying to draw awareness of your crotch? Or just trying to imply that you’re a baller because you’ve branded your pubic area and visit motivational business seminars? Nonetheless it’s tacky as hell and men have to trade up for a slim belt or weaved structure that doesn’t draw irks of horror from the public.
checkout Bombay Shirts for different shirt design


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