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Shared on November 9, 2018 at 7:31 am

Nice motorcycle exhaust manufacturers

we have got the ISO 9001:2000, and our motorcycles have got many certifications, including 22 models for EEC, 4 models for EPA, and 3 models for CSA.

Our annual production capacity: 200,000 units of motorcycles, 500,000 units of Manual Lifter Suppliers, 200,000 units of auto-use energy-efficient water heaters and gas stoves, 1.5 million units of auto-use chair adjusters, and 150,000 units of agricultural appliances. All these products are mainly exported to the US, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Except the quantity production, we also provide customized service to meet customers' different demands.Zhenhua people promise to provide best quality and best service to our customers.

Our products are mainly exported to America, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, German, French, Britain, Belgium, Spain and other 21 countries and regions.


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