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Shared on November 17, 2018 at 11:04 am


The wardrobe packed with plain shades is a lttle bit of a hard sell. At some stage, you’ll need an upgrade and stripes should be first choice to purchase.
But although stripes might be timeless, but there’s still a right and wrong way to go about it. Here, we offer you the rundown on stripes with the good and the bad, and will leave you a gallery for inspiration how to incorporate them into your outfit for the modern day.
The Reduced Upon Stripes
Stripes should be a staple of every guy’s wardrobe. Nevertheless that’s not to say that you’ll get the same mileage out of them as your partners might. There’s two very simple what you should keep in mind, which help you guide your choices on which style is right for you and your rig.
Vertical stripes are great for you shortarses out there. The not broken lines can to add a few illusory steps on the tape measurer. It won’t change the fact that you’re not six three, but it may be something.
Horizontal stripes are a different story. These kinds of emphasise width – put simply they make you larger, or fatter, depending on your existing body dimensions. When you have got a few of extra kegs you want to hide from the missus, think about vertical stripes over side to side ones.

The Gordon Gekko
When almost all of us think of stripes, we think Stock market power suiting. In addition to with valid reason: it’s a strong look that cultivates a lasting impression if you pull it off right. Although no person really likes bankers or legal professionals, we can’t fault the way that they dress and where they put stripes in the menswear market.
Power suiting generally requires a blend of stripes, but keep them to different sizes in width, and complementary colourways. Do a trial run at home before committing to the triple risk ahead of a big gathering.
Stripes (For The Not So Bold)
While it’s good to break out the American Psycho look once every so often and ball out like you’re an 80’s stockbroker at the top of Reaganism and trickle-down economics, it’s a reality that not every office is receptive to power meeting. You might need to tone it down a little, so here’s how to tastefully incorporate lines and channel your internal investment banker douche more discreetly.
The gold standard of pattern combinations in the workplace is as follows: One for tiefstapelei, two if you’re feeling somewhat brave, three if you are reckless and far too invested in whatever sprezzatura means.
Thicker stripes are harder to pair with other patterns. A bengal stripe shirt can go under a plain suit and accompany a plain tie; leave the windowpane bank checks and spotted ties at home.
Smart Casual
About the other conclusion of the spectrum, a whole lot of guys navigate the eternally-undefined terrain of ‘smart casual’ with stripes. Stripes can work their way onto seersucker blazers, everyday shirting, and semiformal pants so you’re not restricted to suits.
o keep it simple, you might wear a striped tee below a plain blazer, or mix it up and wear mismatched pinstripe trousers with a shirt and cardigan in the winter. Here, lines should add a tiny point of difference and not overwhelm your look with too much going on.
Mixing vertical and side to side stripes has never seemed good. Remember the gold rule of mismatching design sizes if you would like to play that game.
When you have worn a striped blazer, keep your tie up and shirt fairly plain to let the jacket do its thing. Don’t overcrowd yourself with too many patterns.
Avoid unusual shades with stripes. Anything exterior the conservative triumvirtate of white, grey, and glowing blue kinda gives a feel of retro chocolate wrappers or penitentiary outfits.
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at Bombay Shirts.


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